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Puerto Rico’s Population Loss Shows Status Failure

The U.S. Census Bureau has released new numbers on Puerto Rico’s population that demonstrate a continued decline.  According to the data, Puerto Rico’s population fell from 3,726,157 in 2010 to 3,411,307 in 2016, a loss of 8.4% in four years.  While the birth rate in Puerto Rico has dropped, the main reason for the population loss… Read more »

Puerto Rico Debt Probe Will Be Broad

The Puerto Rico fiscal control board’s investigation of the territory’s debt will go far beyond the probe that that those calling for an investigation have sought — and may not dig into what they have wanted as much as they have wanted. The Financial Oversight and Management Board made this clear this afternoon in issuing… Read more »

Puerto Rico Lags in Federal Funding

Puerto Rico is treated like a State in most Federal laws but there are important exceptions: Puerto Ricans pay federal taxes, but they do not pay income tax on earnings from the territory. While some suggest that this is an excuse for less than equal funding in some major programs, nearly half of all residents… Read more »

Puerto Rico Will Be a State in Five Years, Says Governor

Puerto Rico will be a State in five years, Governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares (New Progressive Party/NPP) predicted yesterday. He said that the territory would be granted statehood in response to lobbying by two proposed ‘U.S. senators’ and five proposed ‘U.S. representatives’ that he named with legislative approval, and by Resident Commissioner in the U.S. House… Read more »

Bilingual America

More than 60 million Americans — nearly 20% — now speak a language other than English at home, according to the most recent census data. The most recent United States census data on languages spoken in the U.S. was released in 2015. The data comes from the U.S. census 2009-2013, so it may underestimate the… Read more »

Oversight Board and Puerto Rico Government Clash over Pensions

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares and the board that PROMESA inserted into the territorial government to control matters affecting finances appear to be headed for a confrontation in Federal court next month over the board’s determination Friday to cut the hours of insular government employees two days a month beginning September 1st. After the… Read more »

ESPN Apology Demanded

Jose Fuentes, Chairman of the Puerto Rico Statehood Council, called on ESPN for an apology for their politicized coverage of Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, Baseball Hall of Fame member recently named to the Puerto Rico Statehood Council. “Mr. Rojas’ disparagement of pro-statehood American citizens of Puerto Rico has no place in public discourse, and certainly not… Read more »

PROMESA Board Demands Worker Cuts; Puerto Rico Government Refuses

Puerto Rico’s federally-imposed fiscal control board this morning decided that the Government of Puerto Rico would have to reduce hours of employees other than police by two days per month September 1st — but the Governor’s non-voting representative on the Board said that the Government would not comply. The Financial Oversight and Management Board established… Read more »

Relocation of Workers from Puerto Rico to the States

There are currently far more people born in Puerto Rico or of Puerto Rican heritage living in the 50 States than in Puerto Rico – 5.4 million to 3.4 million. From the 13,000 living in Alabama to the more than one million in New York and on to Wyoming’s over 51,000, all States have citizens of… Read more »

Puerto Rico War Heroes: Brigadier General Mihiel “Mike” Gilormini Pacheco

Brigadier General Mihiel “Mike” Gilormini Pacheco was a WWII hero, and co-founder of the Puerto Rico National Guard. Gilormini Pacheco was born in Yauco, Puerto Rico, on August 3, 1918, just about one year after Puerto Ricans were granted U.S. citizenship. He completed high school in Puerto Rico, began his college studies at the University of… Read more »