Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon Speaks Up for Puerto Rico

On the anniversary of the adoption of Puerto Rico’s constitution, Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon, the Resident Commissioner for Puerto Rico, spoke up for statehood for Puerto Rico on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. “Puerto Rico’s territorial constitution is 65 years old today. An act of Congress authorized the island’s people to pass a charter… Read more »

Celebrating 65 Years of Commonwealth…and Confusion

ELA — Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico — translates as “Free Associated State of Puerto Rico” or “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.” These translations have caused plenty of confusion about Puerto Rico’s status, since it is not a Free Associated State and “commonwealth” has no legal meaning. On July 25, 1952, Puerto Rico’s constitution, approved… Read more »

Is Puerto Rico a Commonwealth or a Territory?

Over the years, many Puerto Ricans have voted for statehood, a smaller number has voted for independence, and some have voted for a “Commonwealth” option that means different things depending on the ballot.  Few have voted for Puerto Rico to remain a territory. People often refer to Puerto Rico as a “Commonwealth,” thinking the term… Read more »

Preserving Puerto Rico’s Culture

One of the most enduring questions concerning the possibility of Puerto Rico statehood is this: Will Puerto Rico’s culture be threatened under statehood? The threat of assimilation There are about 3.4 million people living in Puerto Rico at this writing. There are about 5 million people of Puerto Rican heritage living in the 50 states…. Read more »

Despacito and Fake News

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” has been streamed 4.6 billion times as of this writing, and has 2,662,615,500 views at YouTube. It is officially the most-streamed song of all time. The Justin Bieber remix has had 34,183,494 views at YouTube. The headlines the song has inspired include “Justin Bieber’s ‘Despacito’ Verse Is Boosting Tourism… Read more »

Brevard County Commissioners Reject Anti- Puerto Rico Resolution

Commissioner John Tobia presented his first resolution before the Brevard County Commissioners earlier this month. “Whereas Puerto Rico’s debt crisis in large part is the result of socializing private industry,” he began, “the burden placed on federal taxpayers to remedy the decades of mismanagement and socialization would be untenable…” PROMESA was, he claimed “an attempt… Read more »

Puerto Rico’s Medicaid Cliff

As Congress debates controversial new caps on Federal spending on State Medicaid programs, it is sometimes overlooked that there is precedent for this increasingly unpopular arrangement: Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico can receive Federal matching on its Medicaid’s expenses; after that limit is reached Federal funding stops. The Congressional Task Force on Economic Growth in Puerto… Read more »

Puerto Rico Moves on Tennessee Plan

Back in 1796, the Territory of Tennessee decided that Congress was moving too slowly on granting them statehood. In a plebiscite, 73% of the voters had favored statehood, and they were ready to take on the rights and responsibilities of a state. The people of Tennessee declared the territory to be a state, elected senators… Read more »

The Juice Media’s Honest Government Ad about Puerto Rico

The Juice Media, known for their Honest Government Ads, produced one about Puerto Rico’s status in response to requests. The video has had nearly 3,000,000 views on Facebook as of this writing, as well as 54,832 on YouTube and sites embedding the video from YouTube.   Their main point: Puerto Rico is a colony of… Read more »

The Puerto Rican Diaspora Influencing Status

In the run-up to the recent status plebiscite in Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican diaspora — people who have moved to the States from Puerto Rico and their descendants — came up in more than one context. First, there are those who believe that the diaspora should have a say in votes on the political… Read more »