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4/5 of Florida Puerto Ricans: Statehood? Yes

Support for statehood for Puerto Rico among the voters who may decide the next presidential election continues to grow, according to a new scientific poll.

The poll surveyed voters of Puerto Rican origin in Florida. The State is widely considered to be a top ‘Swing State’ that may decide the election. The votes of Puerto Ricans are equally considered to be the most numerous swing votes in Florida. This is because the Puerto Rican population has grown tremendously in recent years and because politics in Puerto Rico is conducted among territorial political parties, rather than the national parties.

There are now more than one million people of Puerto Rican origin in Florida, more than the total populations of six States and the District of Columbia and twice as many as 15 years ago. Additionally, the number of Puerto Ricans leaving the territory for the State has accelerated during the past several years.

Four-fifths of Puerto Ricans in Florida (79%) would choose statehood for Puerto Rico compared with one sixth (16%) who would not in a “Statehood: Yes or No” vote, as has been widely proposed in the territory.

In a match-up of all four status possible options for the islands, statehood was the choice of 67%, the present territory status often called “Commonwealth” was the pick of 19%, nationhood in an association with the U.S. that either nation could end (“free association”) was favored by eight percent, and four percent chose pure independence.

The survey of 701 likely voters in this November’s election was conducted by the respected firm of Anzalone Liszt Grove May 11th-17th.

It also found that 67% of those interviewed favored Hillary Clinton for president and 19% Donald Trump, 54% a Democrat for Congress and 19% a Republican, with other voters “persuadable.”



2 thoughts on “4/5 of Florida Puerto Ricans: Statehood? Yes”

  1. I strongly believe that if PR were to become a state, many Ricans will return to the island and things will get way better- its about time that US Stop treating our island as a foreign country. Most mainstream Americans think we are foreigners- we have to educate our counterparts

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