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6th Status Vote Planned for November 2020

Governor Wanda Vazquez Garced has announced the there will be a status referendum on November 3rd, 2020, the general Election Day.

Puerto Ricans do not have the opportunity to vote in presidential elections, but the territory holds elections on the same date States use for presidential votes. This will also be the opportunity to vote for members of the territorial government, such as the governor, resident commissioner, and Puerto Rico legislators.

Vazquez and her rival in the PNP party’s primary for the office of Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi, are in agreement that the plebiscite vote should be a simple yes or no question: Should Puerto Rico become a State of the Union?

This was the question presented in the last two territories to become States: Alaska and Hawaii. In both cases, the people voted in the affirmative, and the territories became States.

Supporters of the yes/no format say that everyone can vote sincerely for one or the other of the options.

Anti-statehood factions fight back

Polls consistently show that residents of Puerto Rico favor statehood over the other possible status options. Voters have chosen statehood in the past two plebiscites, in 2012 and 2017.

However, there are other points of view. Anti-statehood factions worked to discredit the previous votes, and have already begun to work on the same process with the new vote. Pierluisi pointed out that a yes/no vote “would leave no room for doubt.”

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez Colon said that the federal response to the string of emergencies — hurricanes, earthquakes, and the COVID-19 pandemic — ““demonstrate the urgency that it has for our people to achieve the equality with the rest of the states.” She also tweeted, “The signing of this status project today leads us directly to exercise our selection right in November in conjunction with the general election. It is time to say Yes to full Equality. The time has come to say yes to Puerto Rico.”

Juan Dalmau, the candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico from the Independence Party, called on his supporters to vote “No” in November. “To the plebiscite’s question, do you want to give up your Puerto Rican nationality? The resounding answer will be ‘No!'” he declared. However, independence has never managed to garner more than 5% of the vote in any plebiscite.

Carmen Yulin Cruz, the Mayor of San Juan, is the other gubernatorial candidate from the main political parties in Puerto Rico, standing for the PDP. She has made no statement on the subject at this time.

3 thoughts on “6th Status Vote Planned for November 2020”

  1. VOTE “SI”– for Puerto Rican Equality+Progress=Statehood with Dignity!
    The PPD (Pro-Commonwealth-ELA TERRITOY) and PIP (for Independence) Parties have called to vote No! There is no way of telling what the NO stands for!

    The local Plebiscite should have included defining the Constitutional Options, as follows–

    *FIX Puerto Rico’s Federal undemocratic Territorial-Colonial STATUS*
    *We have to resolve; not only put Band-Aids on the grave Puerto Rican Crisis (since 1898-over 122+ years)!*
    Un-Fair treatment of Hispanic-Puerto Ricans is Un-American, because– it’s not only about a democratic Group Vote on the Federal undemocratic Territorial-Colonial Status, but, more vital, is about having ONE Equal US Citizenship with Federal “Consent of the Governed” (per Declaration of Independence)! All Americans should have the SAME RIGHTS in our US Republic (a UNION of States with Government by-for the People), as we UNITE– under our US Constitution “WE THE PEOPLE”–in a Representative Democracy system for ALL; not just for some!

    FIX: The Federal Government should be the Servant of all the People; not the Master of some! THUS—The US Congress, which has not acted since 1898-for 120+ years) must: admit Puerto Rico to the UNION OF STATES or conduct a Referendum between NON-TERRITORIAL defined OPTIONS which are:
    • STATEHOOD (YES)–MEANS: Admittance to the US Republic (a Government by the People) “Union of States” for the Good of all, WITH– STATE Identity (Boricua); STATE Constitution; STATE Flag; STATE Sovereignty. Plus, permanent US Citizenship under the protection of the US Constitution-Flag; Equal Individual Rights; Vote for US President; just representation in the US Congress; full earned benefits; Parity in Federal Laws; Federal consent of the Governed…
    • INDEPENDENCE—MEANS: Puerto Rican Citizenship; PR National Sovereignty. Loss of US Constitution protection; loss of US Citizenship (statutory)- Rights and Benefits…
    o INDEPENDENCE (With PACT-Free Association…)–MEANS: Puerto Rican Citizenship-Sovereignty… Loss of US Constitution; loss of US Citizenship (statutory)-Rights and Benefits… But, with a PACT to be negotiated; terminated by any Party.

    *NOTE 1: Adding US Territory (disguised as Commonwealth or ELA)—will confuse- fool People as to the true Status; will not solve the unfair Federal undemocratic Status. PR has voted against Independence in 5 local Plebiscites; has elected a pro-Statehood Territorial Government; voted for Statehood in two Plebiscites…
    **US TERRITORY (NO)-MEANS: Remain under the US Federal undemocratic control (Laws, Borders, Currency…); NO Vote for US President; NO just representation in US Congress; NO full earned benefits; NO Parity in Federal Laws/Funding; NO permanent statutory US Citizenship…), per trite Territorial Clause, and Insular Cases.
    *NOTE 2: Those with a non-permanent statutory US Citizenship, even if residing in the States, should participate in any Status Plebiscite, because the outcome could affect them (lose US Citizenship)…
    *NOTE 3: Puerto Rico and District of Columbia are two separate issues that should be addressed differently. The District of Colombia (DC)–is under a different US Constitution Clause; they can Vote for US President; has Parity in Federal Funds; a permanent US Citizenship; higher per capita income… But, DC needs an amendment to the US Constitution for Statehood… While, Puerto Rico doesn’t because it is under the Territorial Clause…!
    *The American People in the last 5 Polls support Statehood for the US Territory of Puerto Rico.
    **Gallup Poll (JULY 2019)–TWO-THIRDS of Americans Support EQUALITY through STATEHOOD FOR PUERTO RICO– Admit PR–to our diverse “Union of States” where each State maintains their STATE Identity; Constitution; Flag; and Sovereignty; UNITED under our US “WE THE PEOPLE” CONSTITUTION; noble US FLAG that represents all the States-Territories that make up “WE THE PEOPLE”—for the GOOD OF ALL!
    *MACRO PROOF- SOURCES–See enclosed Research-Exposé based on Facts-Truth-Reason. Stand for JUSTICE-PROGRESS; as we ensure FAIR TREATMENT-EQUAL CIVIL RIGHTS; Guard against a “Tyranny of a Majority!

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