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Marysol Castro Hits it Out of the Park from Behind the Microphone

Many Puerto Ricans have achieved great success as players in Major League Baseball. This baseball season Puerto Rico has yet another type of victory in Marysol Castro, who is announcing plays behind the microphone for the New York Mets.

Marysol Castro is not only the first woman public address (PA) announcer for the New York Mets, but also the first Latina PA announcer in all of Major League Baseball.

Castro, a native of the Bronx, grew up playing stickball and loves baseball. She tried out several careers before settling on journalism. After graduating from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, she tried out different jobs in that field, from weather anchor to ESPN reporter.

A colleague recommended her for the job at Citi Field with the Mets, and she was approached to audition for the job. The team specifically wanted to connect with their growing Latino fan base. As a member of a “very proud Puerto Rican family,” Castro is happy to serve as a role model for Latinas and a point of connection for Hispanic fans. “In almost every job I’ve had, I’ve been the only Latino,” she told HipLatina.

She is known for checking with team members to find out how they prefer to hear their names pronounced. She knows that Latinos in the States may choose to use a Spanish pronunciation, or they may not. Players appreciate the respect she shows by asking their preference.


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