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Borinqueneers Welcomed at White House

On June 10th, 2014, President Obama will sign the bill awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to the 65th Regiment, the Borinqueneers.

The Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Alliance is sponsoring a rally for the occasion at the Rochambeau statue in Lafayette Park at 10:00 a.m. At approximately noon, the group will celebrate as the Borinqueneers leave the White House.

The Borinqueneers’ marching song will be sung. Here are the lyrics:

Marsha del 65 de Infanteria
By Alexis Brau

Arriba muchachos vamos a zarpar.
A lejanas tierras vamos a pelear.
Por los caminos de la ley y el bien,
Marcha el regimiento de mi borinquen.

Todo por la patria habremos de dar.
Por padres y hermanos que quedan acá.
Por la noviecita, el hijo y mi dios.
A la isla querida decimos adiós.

Adiós terruño adorado de mis anhelos.
No olvides de este hijo ausente en tus oraciones.
Que yo en mis noches tristes con mis canciones,
Podré aliviar la angustiade mi dolor,

Gane o pierda siempre lucha con valor.
Nuestro regimiento se cubrió de honor.
En mil combate, cien batallas cien.
Siempre cara al viento marcha el regimiento
De mi Borinquén.

¡De mi Borinquén!

Literal translation by Juan Carlos Ramos:

Get up boys, we are shipping out. To far away lands we must go and fight.
Through the paths of law and righteousness our Borinquén Regiment marches on.

For our motherland we will give it all.
For parents and siblings that remain behind. For my sweetheart, my son and my God.

To my beloved island we bid farewell.
Goodbye beloved land of my aspirations, don’t forget this child that now leaves you, in your prayers.

While I, during my nights of sorrow, will alleviate my sadness and anguish with my songs.

Win or lose, We fought with bravery. Our Regiment covered itself with honor. In over a thousand combats and hundreds of battles, with our face to the wind, the Regiment of my Borinquén marched on.

Goodbye beloved land.

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