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How Do U.S. Textbooks Portray Puerto Rico?

In 1983, the Coalition for Human and Civil Right Advocates studied the portrayal of Puerto Rico in U.S. textbooks and found that:

The authors of these textbooks, both old and new, appear to have read exactly the same sources and books. Their accounts, offering minimal and generally misleading information, are virtually identical in every case.

And in every case, their presentation of the facts came from an Anglo perspective that reduces Puerto Rican history to little more than a footnote in the “pageant” of U.S. history. Given the complete absence of the Puerto Rican perspective and the failure to include new scholarship from Puerto Rican historians, and we have excellent historians, the information presented in even the newest textbooks remains one-dimensional and insufficient.Read More »How Do U.S. Textbooks Portray Puerto Rico?

Bilingual Instruction Grows in Puerto Rico

Governor Fortuño is working toward a bold program of bilingual instruction in Puerto Rico’s schools, mandating coursework in both the island’s official languages for all courses except history. The program is currently in a dozen schools, and is expected to roll out into first grade classrooms in 31 more schools, reaching all of Puerto Rico’s public schools soon. The program’s stated goal is to reach full bilingualism among children in Puerto Rico by 2022.Read More »Bilingual Instruction Grows in Puerto Rico