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Rep. Jenniffer Gonzalez Introduces Puerto Rico Admission Act of 2018

Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon introduced legislation today that would set Puerto Rico on the path to statehood. The bill, HR 6246 or the Puerto Rico Admission Act of 2018, begins with a summary of the history of the relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico, from U.S. acquisition of Puerto Rico from Spain through… Read more »

Former AG Explains Why Puerto Rico Should Be a State

Jose Fuentes, former Attorney General of Puerto Rico and Chairman of the Puerto Rico Statehood Council, shared his views on Puerto Rico’s status in an NBC news “Think” segment. “The United States cannot continue to be the force for democracy around the world and still maintain this colony in the Caribbean,” he began. “It’s time… Read more »

U.S. Senators React to Puerto Rico Visit

U.S. senators who visited Puerto Rico Saturday had differing reactions to the requests and the territory’s needs. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) called for “a plan, a type of ‘Marshall Plan, no matter what it takes.” Fellow Democrat Richard Blumenthal (CT) contended that, “We need a financial plan immediately.” He suggested that it be developed among… Read more »

How Mississippi is Catching Up — and Puerto Rico Is Not

Incomes in Puerto Rico have historically lagged behind those in the states, but the difference is steadily increasing. Puerto Rico’s per capita income – as represented by the blue bar at the left of each cluster in the graph above – has grown since 1970, but it hasn’t kept up with the states. Puerto Rico’s per… Read more »

Justice Department Explains Rejection of Plebiscite Ballot

In a letter sent to Governor Rosselló yesterday, the United States Department of Justice cited “multiple considerations” in rejecting the Puerto Rican government’s proposed ballot for its status referendum planned for June 11, 2017. Writing for the Department, Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana J. Boente stated that federal policy requires “that the popular will of the… Read more »

Puerto Rico Plebiscite Will Include Choice to Remain a U.S. Territory

Governor Ricardo Rosselló announced this evening that the Puerto Rican government would proceed with the June 11th plebiscite despite the refusal of the U.S. Department of Justice to authorize the ballot without giving voters the option to remain a U.S. territory. “It is unacceptable to include the colony in a process to decolonize [Puerto Rico],” tweeted the… Read more »

Puerto Rico Republican Leaders Clarify “Commonwealth” Option

Puerto Rico Republican leaders have written to Attorney General Jeff Sessions offering guidance, a historic perspective and a forceful recommendation to exclude a “Commonwealth” option from the ballot for Puerto Rico’s upcoming plebiscite vote on June 11th.  What “Commonwealth” Means  The proposed ballot, as submitted by the Puerto Rico State Elections Commission, contains two choices… Read more »

Current Territorial Status Not Democratic Choice For Plebiscite Ballot

  A letter requesting that the U.S. Attorney General withhold certification of the ballot for a federally sponsored political status plebiscite in the territory has been signed by eight members of the U.S. Senate, where the 3.3 million U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico have no democratic representation. The letter complains that the June plebiscite “ballot’s exclusion… Read more »

2017 Plebiscite Draft Ballot Released

  The Puerto Rico State Elections Commissions has released a draft ballot for status referendum to be held on June 11, 2017. The ballot begins with “Instructions for the Voter” in both English and Spanish.  The English instructions inform voters that they “can only choose and mark one (1) alternative of non-territorial and non-colonial political… Read more »