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Commonwealth Has Spent its 2019 Obamacare Money & A Lot of 2018’s

The Commonwealth government has already spent almost all of its ‘Obamacare’ Federal grants for 2019 and much of its grants for 2018. If it continues to spend the additional money for Puerto Rico’s Medicaid program provided by the 2010 Federal healthcare reform at the current rate, it will use up all of the funding provided… Read more »

Lawyer Seeking New Territory Status Plans Presidential Vote Suit

The lawyer from Guam behind the suit claiming that American Samoans are U.S. citizens said he “plans to file a Federal lawsuit on behalf of Americans who are denied the right to vote for president simply because” they live in U.S. territories. Neal Weare asserted that a team he has recruited has developed a “new… Read more »

Statehood Party Sues to Get Commonwealth Commission to Act on U.S. Plebiscite Law

Puerto Rico’s statehood party went to court today to force the insular Elections Commission to act on the Federal authorization for a plebiscite on the territory’s ultimate political status. A Federal law enacted in January authorizes a plebiscite on a status option or options proposed by the Elections Commission that can resolve the question of Puerto Rico’s… Read more »

Commonwealther Elections Pres. Refuses to Recognize Federal Plebiscite Authorization

The “Commonwealth” party president of Puerto Rico’s Elections Commission this week acted to prevent insular voters from choosing what the territory’s ultimate political status should be under a Federal law enacted in January. Ángel González Román refused to accept the Federal authorization for the Commission to propose status options for a plebiscite to the U.S. Department of Justice…. Read more »