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Tommy Ramos and the Olympic Games

Puerto Rico is proud of Tommy Ramos, a Bayamon-born gymnast who has qualified for the Olympic men’s gymnastics rings final to be held on August 6th in London. As a native-born Puerto Rican, Tommy Ramos is a U.S. citizen.  He could have participated in the Olympics as a member of the U.S. team.  Had he… Read more »

Univision’s Mistake

On July 25, Univision mistakenly aired an advertisement wishing Puerto Rico a happy independence day.  The company apologized for its mistake the next day by posting an announcement on Twitter.

A Proven Work Incentive – But Only For States

At a recent hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, “Boosting Opportunities and Growth Through Tax Reform,”  congressional testimony highlighted the effectiveness of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) in lifting children out of poverty.  Studies have affirmed for years that the EITC and CTC encourage work, and research now shows that these… Read more »

Nutrition Assistance in Puerto Rico: What It Means to be a Territory

Congressional consideration of the 2012 Farm Bill is once again raising issues about Puerto Rico’s status as a territory and the practical implications of that status. The United States Senate passed its version of the Farm Bill on June 21st.  The Agriculture Committee in the House of Representatives approved a different version of the bill on July 12th.  The Agriculture… Read more »

Myth vs. Fact on the Commonwealth Option

 “Commonwealth is the option of status that best represents the aspirations of the People of Puerto Rico.”  Opening sentence of the Commonwealth Party Platform, as translated from  El Nuevo Dia, June 7, 2012. “Under the Commonwealth option, Puerto Rico would remain, as it is today, under the jurisdiction of the Territory Clause.”  Report by the… Read more »

The Health Care Law: A Status Issue

While much has been written about the potential impact on Puerto Rico and the rest of the country if the Supreme Court had overturned the Affordable Care Act (ACA), lost in the discussion is the fact that Puerto Rico was never guaranteed inclusion in the federal law at all.  In fact, Puerto Rico was left… Read more »

Bilingual Instruction Grows in Puerto Rico

Governor Fortuño is working toward a bold program of bilingual instruction in Puerto Rico’s schools, mandating coursework in both the island’s official languages for all courses except history. The program is currently in a dozen schools, and is expected to roll out into first grade classrooms in 31 more schools, reaching all of Puerto Rico’s… Read more »