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New Budget Throws Out Previous Vote?

In its report on a $2.5 million White House appropriation for a new plebiscite vote in Puerto Rico, the Huffington Post concluded that the funding “indicates the Obama administration has rejected the argument that Puerto Ricans voted to become the 51st state in a two-part referendum held in November.”   We disagree. The Huffington Post supports its characterization of… Read more »

Governor Puts Impossible Conditions on President’s Status Resolution Plan

Puerto Rico’s new “commonwealth” party Governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, is suggesting that he will insist on impossible terms for the plebiscite to resolve the territory’s future political status proposed by President Obama at the same time that he is seeming to embrace the proposal. Garcia Padilla said yesterday that he “will work to get Congress… Read more »

Serrano Reacts to Puerto Rico Status in Obama Budget

Washington, DC – April 10, 2013 – After reviewing the outlines of the President’s budget proposal for 2014, Congressman Serrano reacted to the inclusion of funds for a Puerto Rico status process with the following statement. “I am pleased that the President’s budget has prioritized funding for a referendum on permanent and Constitutional status options… Read more »

Key Leaders of Congress Back Obama Status Resolution Plan

Key congressional leaders quickly endorsed President Obama’s proposal today of $2.5 million for public education and a plebiscite in Puerto Rico to resolve the question of the territory’s future political status. The White House previously noted that a plebiscite under local law last November rejected the current territory status and chose statehood among the possible… Read more »

President Proposes Plebiscite to Affirm Puerto Rico’s Status Choice

President Obama today sent Congress legislation for another plebiscite in Puerto Rico to resolve the question of the territory’s future status. The proposal was included in President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget.  It proposes $2.5 million for the Puerto Rico Elections Commission to be used for voter education and the plebiscite.  The funds could be used… Read more »

Parade Controversy Centers on Puerto Rico’s Status

The Puerto Rican Parade Committee of Chicago has held a parade in downtown Chicago every year since 1965. The Puerto Rican Cultural Center has been holding its annual parade since 1978 in Humboldt Park, a neighborhood with a higher proportion of Puerto Rican residents. “A decades-old duel between Puerto Rican parades in Chicago is over,”… Read more »

Most in Poll Oppose New Gov’s Policies

A majority of Puerto Ricans oppose the policies of the territory’s new “commonwealth” party governor, according to a major poll published today. In addition to 56% opposing Alejandro Garcia Padilla’s program, the Governor gets poor marks on job performance. The head of the statehood party, Pedro Pierluisi (D), Puerto Rico’s sole representative in the Federal… Read more »

Puerto Ricans on the Mainland

We know that there are now more Puerto Ricans living on the mainland than in Puerto Rico, but where do they live? New data released from the American Community Survey of the US Census answers that question. New York has 1,128,843 people who identify themselves as Puerto Rican, the largest number in any of the… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Support Statehood for Puerto Rico

While Puerto Rico is currently a territory of the United States, the majority of Puerto Ricans voted last November to end that territorial status. Only 5% of the population voted for independence. It is clear, then, that Puerto Rico does not want either independence or the current status. Three options were presented in the November… Read more »