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From Australia to Estonia, All Eyes are on Congress

In late December, the Congressional Record reported a little noticed reminder of the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s Concurrent Resolution No. 67, requesting the President and the Congress to respond diligently and effectively and to act on the demand of the people of Puerto Rico to admit the territory to the Union as… Read more »

Puerto Rico’s Population Continues to Decline

The population of Puerto Rico continues to decline according to recent estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.  Government data from July of 2012 show Puerto Rico’s population to be 3,667,084, a decrease of more than 27,000 from 2011 and a reduction of more than 54,000 since 2010.  The overall U.S. population increased over the same period.

Puerto Rico’s Police Force Considers Reforms

Puerto Rico’s police force is the second largest in U.S. states and territories, second in size only to that of New York City. The Puerto Rican police force includes more than 17,000 officers.

The Rum Tax and Puerto Rico

Reports on the “Fiscal Cliff Bill” are finding humor in some of the provisions, including the extension of the cover-over subsidies on rum from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Some are reporting this as “a new tax” or a “rum subsidy,” and the Washington Post described it as one “of the more curious… Read more »

Certified Results of the Puerto Rican Plebiscite

The State Election commission of PuertoRico issued an official preliminary certification of plebiscite results on November 9th, two days after the landmark election in which the people of Puerto Rico voted for the first time to become a state of the United States.   The Puerto Rico Report has posted a copy of this document, which can be viewed… Read more »

Columbia Law School Expert Analyzes Puerto Rico Plebiscite Vote

Columbia Law School professor Christina Duffy Ponsa has published a thoughtful essay about the November 6th Puerto Rico plebiscite.  A nationally recognized expert on the constitutional implications of American territorial expansion, Ms. Duffy Ponsa’s analysis is a concise, easy read on the implications of the recent vote.  She wrote:

Puerto Rican Legislature Calls on Congress to Act

The Puerto Rican legislature has enacted a concurrent resolution calling upon Congress and President Obama to implement the November 6 plebiscite results and “end, once and for all, [Puerto Rico’s] current form of territorial status” and begin the process of making Puerto Rico a state.

Can the GOP Woo the Latino Vote?

In 10 things the GOP can do to turn the tide with Latino voters, Samuel Rosado and Brittney Morrett list some steps Republicans could take to improve their position with Hispanic voters in the U.S., including making Puerto Rico the 51st state.

Young Democrats Support Puerto Rican Statehood

The Young Democrats of America (YDA) passed a resolution at their winter meeting in Salt Lake City this week, “urging President Barack Obama and the United States Congress to take action on the irrefutable and clear mandate sent by the people of Puerto Rico on November 6th, 2012 during which the current territorial political relationship… Read more »