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Sotomayor Responds to Racist Remark by U.S. Prosecutor

Assistant U.S. Attorney Sam Ponder asked a jury in 2011, speaking of defendant Bongani Charles Calhoun, who said he didn’t realize the men he was with were planning a drug deal, You’ve got African Americans, you’ve got Hispanics, you’ve got a bag full of money. Does that tell you — a light bulb doesn’t go… Read more »

March 2 Rally in Washington DC to Celebrate U.S. Citizenship for Puerto Rico

A White House rally is being planned for this Saturday, March 2nd to celebrate the 96th anniversary of the granting of U.S. citizenship to Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rican Resident Commissioner and New Progressive Party President Pedro Pierluisi will be the featured speaker. As we’ve noted in a previous post, similar demonstrations are planned in San Juan and elsewhere in Puerto… Read more »

Puerto Ricans to Demand Equality on Anniversary of U.S. Citizenship

AP Story Mischaracterizes Puerto Rican Rejection of Territory Status.  Puerto Ricans will be marching in Washington, D.C., San Juan, and other cities on March 2, the anniversary of the day in 1917 when Puerto Ricans became U.S. citizens. The purpose of the marches is to demand that Congress honor the November plebiscite and provide equality… Read more »

Schumer and Pierluisi Introduce Puerto Rico Medicare Equity Legislation

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi (D-PR) introduced legislation today that would enable Medicare beneficiaries in Puerto Rico the have the same access to insurance for doctor services that their fellow U.S. citizens do. Under current law, Medicare beneficiaries in every state and territory except for Puerto Rico who are enrolled in Medicare Part A (hospital… Read more »

Why Does the Death Penalty Exist in Puerto Rico?

Contrary to the claims of Commonwealth proponents, there is no “compact” between the U.S. and Puerto Rico that grants Puerto Rico power equal to that of the federal government.  The United States can – and does – unilaterally override Puerto Rican policy and preferences. The death penalty was abolished in Puerto Rico in 1929, two years after… Read more »

Is Puerto Rican Migration in the Best Interests of the US?

National Public Radio has featured two stories on the migration of Puerto Ricans to the mainland recently: “Don’t Give Up on Us: Puerto Ricans Wrestle with High Crime” details the crime rate in Puerto Rico, which is higher than any state of the Union; “One Way Ticket to Florida: Puerto Ricans Escape Island Woes” shares… Read more »

Conservatives Press for Puerto Rican Statehood

Some people have claimed that Puerto Rico’s desire for statehood will be ignored by Republicans in Congress because they believe that statehood is a liberal cause or that new Puerto Rican voters will be too liberal for Republicans.  Current thinking in the Latino conservative network, however, is to the contrary. The Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles held a press… Read more »

The Enduring Legacy of Plessy v. Ferguson in Puerto Rico

“[I]n view of the constitution, in the eye of the law, there is in this country no superior, dominant, ruling class of citizens. There is no caste here. Our constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens.” –Justice John Marshall Harlan, dissenting opinion, Plessy v. Ferguson Last week former San Juan Mayor… Read more »