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Puerto Rico Status Issue Crosses Political Party Lines

Puerto Rico’s status as a territory of the United States is an issue that transcends the traditional parameters of political partisanship. When it comes to the possibility of statehood, Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner in Congress, Republican Jenniffer Gonzalez Colon, is in sync with Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (MD) that statehood is the best arrangement… Read more »

Rep. Liz Cheney: “Puerto Rico Should Be a State”

  Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) had a conversation with students at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics recently. A student asked about Puerto Rico’s political status. “As a native Puerto Rican, every election season I see the results of my local election and wonder why as an American citizen I cannot vote or have… Read more »

Persistent Poverty in Puerto Rico

The Congressional Subcommittee on Housing, Community Development, and Insurance held a hearing entitled “Persistent Poverty in America: Addressing Chronic Disinvestment in Colonias, the Southern Black Belt, and the U.S. Territories” on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. These were the witnesses: Amber Arriaga-Salinas, Assistant Executive Director, Proyecto Azteca Yarimar Bonilla, Director, Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter… Read more »

Constitutional vs. Statutory Citizenship in Puerto Rico

People born in Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens by birth. However, this kind of citizenship is not the same as the kind of citizenship people born in states have. The key to understanding the difference is this: Constitutional vs. Statutory citizenship. Constitutional citizenship The 14th Amendment of the Constitution says:  “All persons born or naturalized… Read more »

Organizations Call for Quick End to Puerto Rico’s Status as a U.S. Territory

On Monday, thirty Puerto Rican organizations wrote to President Biden demanding quick action on Puerto Rico’s political status by passing the Puerto Rico Status Act by the end of the year. The letter began by thanking the president for his swift response following Hurricane Fiona. “Unfortunately,” the letter continued, “federal aid and support for disaster… Read more »

Puerto Rican Voters Support Florida Republicans in Midterm Votes

Rick DeSantis and Marco Rubio both swept into wins in the midterm elections, DeSantis as Governor of Florida and Rubio keeping his seat in the Senate. Both were supported by Puerto Rican voters in Florida. While early polls showed Puerto Rican voters trending toward Democratic candidates, that’s now how election night played out. According to… Read more »

Ending Puerto Rico’s Status as a U.S. Colony under the Constitution

Until recently, no one dared to call Puerto Rico a colony. Puerto Rican leaders took offense at the idea.  Equally, stateside politicians bristled at the characterization of the U.S., as a beacon of democracy, acting as a colonial power. Recently, however, there has been more widespread recognition that the relationship between the United States and… Read more »

Arecibo Observatory Update

The Arecibo Observatory was the largest single-dish radio telescope in the world until China supplanted it in 2016. Built into a karst sinkhole in 1960, Arecibo was important for research in many different areas of earth and space science. Scientists working through accumulated data have just proven that it continues to be important, providing information… Read more »

Planning for Better Energy Outcomes for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico faced electrical outages for months following Hurricane Maria in 2017.  The consequences turned out to be substantial, and sometimes the matter of life or death. Fatalities occurred as a result of failures to power healthcare machinery and also from lack of refrigeration, impediments to water processing, and more. Five years later, Puerto Rico… Read more »

Puerto Rico Data Reporting “Impracticable”?

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (R) has introduced the Healthy Moms and Babies Act (S 5015) to improve maternal health coverage. One of the requirements of the bill is mandatory state reporting, in public documents, of the quality measures for the state with respect to maternal care. The proposal is intended to reduce the rates of… Read more »