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Smaller States See Power Grow, But All States Have More Clout Than Puerto Rico

An extensive New York Times analysis yesterday found that the political power of States with small populations was growing relative to States with large populations. States with small populations have always had a relatively greater share in Federal decision-making but the article pointed out that the relative influence has been expanding due to population shifts.

Puerto Rico Statehood Featured on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Last night, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart took on the issue of statehood for Puerto Rico.   The mock report featured “journalist” Al Madrigal attempting to convince demonstrators pushing for Puerto Rican statehood in a rally on Saturday, March 2nd that they would be better off without it. Madrigal’s efforts – while humorous – were not successful. … Read more »

Why Does the Death Penalty Exist in Puerto Rico?

Contrary to the claims of Commonwealth proponents, there is no “compact” between the U.S. and Puerto Rico that grants Puerto Rico power equal to that of the federal government.  The United States can – and does – unilaterally override Puerto Rican policy and preferences. The death penalty was abolished in Puerto Rico in 1929, two years after… Read more »

An Open Letter to President Obama from NAUS

The National Association for Uniformed Services (NAUS) has written an open letter to President Obama asking him to end the second class U.S. citizenship for Puerto Ricans. The letter begins with a plea: Please, join American Patriots [and] help get the Federal Government to end a second class US Citizenship. This complex equal rights quandary that… Read more »

The 1952 Puerto Rico Constitution: A New “Commonwealth” in Name Only

On July 25, Puerto Rico observes the anniversary of its local self-government. On that day in 1952, Governor Luis Muñoz Marin formally proclaimed a Constitution for the island, which would henceforth be called the “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico” in English and “A Freely Associated State” (Estado Libre Asociado) in Spanish. In over six decades of operation on the island, much has… Read more »

Can the GOP Woo the Latino Vote?

In 10 things the GOP can do to turn the tide with Latino voters, Samuel Rosado and Brittney Morrett list some steps Republicans could take to improve their position with Hispanic voters in the U.S., including making Puerto Rico the 51st state.

The End of “Commonwealth”

In a Roll Call op-ed this morning, Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi responded to an earlier piece in the same publication in which former Governor Rafael Hernandez Colon called the November 6th plebiscite a defeat for statehood. Pierluisi focused primarily on the numbers behind the recent results and explains why statehood clearly won, but… Read more »