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Ohio’s Ramos Asks Congress for Action

Ohio State Representative Daniel Ramos is the latest legislator to back Puerto Rico’s bid for statehood. Ramos, who was born and raised in Ohio but is of Puerto Rican descent, has introduced a House Concurrent Resolution asking the U.S. Congress to take action “that respects the will of U.S. Citizens in Puerto Rico, and takes steps… Read more »

Support for Puerto Rican Statehood from Michigan

Although it may not have the attention of the recent presidential election, news of Puerto Rico’s plebiscite is making its way around the country.  We were struck by a particularly thoughtful post online for a news source from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where very few Puerto Ricans live.  

Statehood for Puerto Rico: The Numbers Add Up

Given the emotional intensity that tends to surround the issue of Puerto Rico’s political status, recent plebiscite results have been relatively straightforward and devoid of drama.  The numbers are clear, and statehood won.

Deciphering Puerto Rico’s Election Results

Statehood won.  Pro-statehood Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi kept his seat.  On the other hand, anti-statehood Governor-elect Alejandro Garcia Padilla gained control of La Fortaleza , and anti-statehood legislators picked up enough seats in the Puerto Rican legislature to seize control from the pro-statehood party after eight years in the minority.

What Congress Really Thinks About Puerto Rico

Latino Decisions has published a thoughtful blog post about Puerto Rico’s treatment by the U.S. Congress.  The Puerto Rico Report welcomes this addition to the longstanding debate on Puerto Rico’s status as a territory.  Yet we also question some of its conclusions.  

Sovereign Free Association: An Economic Risk for Puerto Ricans

A recent interview on the subject of Puerto Rico’s status suggested, with a startling degree of discourtesy, that Puerto Rico wants to be a state only “for the money.” In fact, Puerto Ricans who are in favor of statehood generally explain that they seek equal responsibilities as well as equal rights with other United States citizens.

18% of Puerto Ricans to Receive Social Security Benefit Increases in 2013

Social Security benefits will increase by 1.7% in 2013, providing about $21 more each month for the average recipient.  According to 2011 data from the Social Security Administration, Puerto Rico has 488,333 elderly Social Security beneficiaries and 821,419 beneficiaries in total – roughly 18% of the Puerto Rican population.

When Puerto Ricans are Outsiders

Roberto Cox Alomar, PDP candidate for resident commissioner of Puerto Rico, has criticized Social Security as a “program from the outside” that the territory can do without.