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New Research Shows Americans Support Statehood for Puerto Rico

Change Research conducted a survey of 1,025 voters across the nation on the topic of Puerto Rico’s political status. The main result – a majority of 59% in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico — is similar to other polls taken in the past. More information means more support As we have seen in other… Read more »

Florida’s Puerto Rican Voters

Once again in this presidential election year, Florida is a battleground state. calls it “the ultimate battleground state” — and, as of this writing, “a toss-up.” Every vote in recent elections has been nearly 50/50, and in every vote except the 1992 Clinton election Florida has voted with the winner. But the voters in… Read more »

Ritchie Torres and a New Generation for Statehood

Ritchie Torres

New York Councilman Ritchie Torres is the Democratic nominee for the 15th District in the South Bronx, the congressional seat Rep. Jose Serrano has held since 1990. The 15th District is a consistently Democratic-voting district, so it is expected that Torres will replace Serrano in the November election. Torres has indicated that he will be… Read more »

Majority of Florida’s Puerto Rican Voters Support Statehood

A new Equis poll of 600 registered voters of Puerto Rican heritage in Florida shows that these voters support statehood, according to the Miami Herald. 57% favor statehood 26% prefer “Commonwealth”  6% choose independence Statehood is the favored choice in Puerto Rico and among stateside Americans in general. Under statehood, Puerto Rico would have the… Read more »

YouGov Poll Finds Most Americans Favor Statehood for Puerto Rico

YouGov found, back in 2016, that more than half of the Americans they surveyed didn’t know that Puerto Ricans are citizens. At that time, those surveyed chose statehood as the best status option for Puerto Rico — 29% favored statehood, compared with 25% who said Puerto Rico should continue as a territory and 20% choosing… Read more »

What Do Polls Tell Us about Puerto Rico Status?

Gallup released a poll of Americans across the nation last week showing that nearly two thirds of respondents support statehood for Puerto Rico. Their findings confirm a trend seen in other polls. Stateside Americans are ready for the 51st state — and they want Puerto Rico in that spot. What about Puerto Ricans? Three 2019… Read more »

Polls Confirm Americans Support Statehood for Puerto Rico

A Hill-HarrisX poll of 1000 Americans found in early July that 47% favor statehood for Puerto Rico. Questions about statehood for both Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia were presented. Here are the statements presented, with the number of respondents who agreed: Only Washington, DC should be granted statehood: 9% Only Puerto Rico should… Read more »

Poll Shows Support for Puerto Rico Statehood Stronger than for D.C.

A recent poll by Data for Progress found that Americans overall would rather give statehood to Puerto Rico than to Washington, D.C. Both D.C. and Puerto Rico have voted for statehood and Puerto Rico has formally requested statehood. Both have introduced admission bills. Data for Progress surveyed 1,282 U.S. voters and asked these questions: Would… Read more »

New Poll Shows Florida’s Puerto Rican Voters Want Statehood Supporters

A new poll of Florida’s voters of Puerto Rican origin found that 80% favor statehood for Puerto Rico — and that the attitudes of candidates toward this issue will affect their votes in 2020. ALG Research contacted 600 Puerto Rican voters and asked questions about their voting history and their plans for upcoming elections. These… Read more »

Puerto Ricans in the United States: A Statistical Profile

The Pew Hispanic Center has for some time been keeping records on people living in Puerto Rico, and on people from Puerto Rico living in the States.  According to the most recent report, Puerto Ricans are the second-largest Hispanic subgroup in the U.S. after Mexicans, constituting 9.5 percent of the total U.S. Hispanic population.  They… Read more »