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Who’s a Real American?

A new poll gives insight into what Americans think makes “a real American.” Surprise! It’s not being born in America or spending most of one’s life in the United States. The Grinnell College poll asked 1,000 adults across the U.S. for opinions on a range of subjects. Here are the characteristics respondents considered most important… Read more »

New Rasmussen Poll Finds More Americans Favor Statehood for Puerto Rico

Rasmussen Reports, a major opinion polling organization, has reported that an increasing number of Americans approve of statehood for Puerto Rico, and more would prefer for Puerto Rico to become the 51st state than Washington, D.C. In a phone and internet survey conducted last week, Rasmussen Reports asked 1,000 American adults whether D.C. and Puerto… Read more »

More Americans Want Statehood for Puerto Rico

A new poll from Fox News finds that a majority of respondents want Puerto Rico to be a state, not a territory or an independent nation. In phone interviews with over 1,000 subjects, Fox found that 41% of those surveyed favored statehood for Puerto Rico — an 11 point jump since the last time Fox… Read more »

New Polls on Puerto Rico Status

Two new polls on Puerto Rico status are being conducted in the run up to the 2017 referendum. The Tylt, a website that gives readers a chance to vote in simple yes-or-no polls, asked whether Puerto Rico should become the 51st state. As of this writing, 68.6% of respondents say yes to statehood for Puerto… Read more »

2016 Polls Show Support for Clinton Softening as Election Day Neared

According to polling data by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, Hillary Clinton won the Puerto Rican vote in Florida by greater than a 3:1 margin, earning 62% of the vote relative to President Trump’s 20%.  (In the post-election poll, 12% of respondents refused to answer and 5% chose “other.”) Yet despite her popularity among the Florida… Read more »

NPP, Statehood Maintain Lead in Puerto Rico Polls

New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rossello led PDP hopeful David Bernier, Gov. Garcia’s former Secretary of State, 39.01% to 30.73% in a poll of 1,074 voters in Puerto Rico October 15th. Two independents had 13.97% and 12.1% respectively, and the two ’third party’ aspirants had 3.82% and .37% support. NPP U.S. House nominee… Read more »

Ignorance About Puerto Rico a Continuing Problem recently reported that there is widespread ignorance about Puerto Rico in the U.S. as a whole, based on a poll conducted by YouGov and The Economist. Fewer than half of the people they surveyed knew that Puerto Ricans are citizens of the United States — and that included Hispanics as well as people of… Read more »

Polling Puerto Rico on Presidential Race

Residents of Puerto Rico can vote in presidential primaries, but not in the general election, even though people born in Puerto Rico are citizens of the United States. Pasquines, a news magazine focusing on Puerto Rico, will be holding online polls from now until the general election to determine how Puerto Rico would vote if… Read more »