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Puerto Rico’s Governor Not Popular in Florida; Statehooders Liked

Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla (“commonwealth” party) is viewed negatively by two-thirds of the residents of central Florida of Puerto Rican origin who have an opinion of him, according to a professional poll. By contrast, they have favorable impressions of his statehood party predecessor and the two statehood party leaders who are who are… Read more »

Florida Puerto Ricans By 2-1 Say “Commonwealth” Can’t Be Improved

Three-fifths of residents of central Florida of Puerto Rican origin accept that Puerto Rico’s current political status — territory, but sometimes misleadingly called “commonwealth” — cannot be improved, according to a recent professional poll. The number is more than twice as many as want changes in the current status, the status course advocated by the… Read more »

81% of Florida Puerto Ricans: “Proud” if Puerto Rico Becomes a State

Eighty-one percent of citizens of Puerto Rican origin in central Florida would be proud if the territory becomes a State, according to a new poll. When asked if they agree with the statement that Puerto Rican statehood would make them proud, 60% answered that they “strongly agree,” and 21% responded that they “somewhat agree.” Only… Read more »

64% of Florida Puerto Ricans Want Statehood for Puerto Rico

Voters of Puerto Rican origin in central Florida overwhelmingly support statehood for Puerto Rico, according to a new poll. The professional survey found that about 64% favor the status for the territory. The percentage was slightly higher than the vote for statehood in a plebiscite in Puerto Rico held by the Commonwealth government along with… Read more »

Puerto Rico’s Status: Who Should Decide?

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States that has not been incorporated into the country — even though it is treated like a State under most laws. Because it has not been made a permanent part of the United States, Puerto Rico can become a separate nation or a U.S. State. And, as a nation,… Read more »

Puerto Ricans Negative on Territory; Disappointed in “Commonwealth” Leaders

Puerto Ricans are extremely unhappy and pessimistic.  A scientific poll taken February 19-24 found very negative views regarding: conditions in the territory; their personal finances and the insular government’s; and the Commonwealth’s leaders. A staggering 93% regarded the territorial situation as very bad.  The quality of life was bad to terrible for 45% versus 16% who… Read more »

Citizen Cosponsors Helps Citizens Participate in the Legislative Process

  Eric Cantor (R Virginia) has launched a new website, Cosponsor, where citizens can “cosponsor” congressional legislation with one click — two if they allow the site to connect with their Facebook accounts. All new legislation brought to the floor of the house is listed, with information on the sponsors of the bill and its… Read more »

New Poll: 78.3% of WSJ Readers Favor Statehood for Puerto Rico

The Wall Street Journal’s Question of the Day, “Should Puerto Rico become the 51st U.S. state?”, got a clear answer from readers: 3894, or 78.3%, said, “Yes.” 1079, or 21.7%, said, “No.” A simple up-or-down vote of this kind often shows positions more clearly than polls with more questions and more options. The image below… Read more »