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Puerto Ricans Negative on Territory; Disappointed in “Commonwealth” Leaders

Puerto Ricans are extremely unhappy and pessimistic.  A scientific poll taken February 19-24 found very negative views regarding: conditions in the territory; their personal finances and the insular government’s; and the Commonwealth’s leaders. A staggering 93% regarded the territorial situation as very bad.  The quality of life was bad to terrible for 45% versus 16% who… Read more »

Citizen Cosponsors Helps Citizens Participate in the Legislative Process

  Eric Cantor (R Virginia) has launched a new website, Cosponsor, where citizens can “cosponsor” congressional legislation with one click — two if they allow the site to connect with their Facebook accounts. All new legislation brought to the floor of the house is listed, with information on the sponsors of the bill and its… Read more »

New Poll: 78.3% of WSJ Readers Favor Statehood for Puerto Rico

The Wall Street Journal’s Question of the Day, “Should Puerto Rico become the 51st U.S. state?”, got a clear answer from readers: 3894, or 78.3%, said, “Yes.” 1079, or 21.7%, said, “No.” A simple up-or-down vote of this kind often shows positions more clearly than polls with more questions and more options. The image below… Read more »

New Poll Shows Puerto Ricans Want Statehood

A Suffolk University poll found that 70% of Puerto Rican voters prefer statehood over other possible status options. Suffolk University partnered with Universidad del Turabo to poll likely voters in the wake of the White House budget which provides funding for a federally sanctioned vote on the status question. The poll found that 13% of respondents would… Read more »

Most in Poll Oppose New Gov’s Policies

A majority of Puerto Ricans oppose the policies of the territory’s new “commonwealth” party governor, according to a major poll published today. In addition to 56% opposing Alejandro Garcia Padilla’s program, the Governor gets poor marks on job performance. The head of the statehood party, Pedro Pierluisi (D), Puerto Rico’s sole representative in the Federal… Read more »

Puerto Ricans Vote for Statehood

A solid majority of Puerto Ricans have voted to end the island’s 114-year old relationship as a territory of the United States and become the nation’s 51st state.  When asked whether Puerto Rico should “continue to have its present form of territorial status,”  54% of all voters (934,238 people) answered “no” while only 46% (796,007) responded “yes.” 

Florida’s Puerto Ricans: A Swing Vote in a Swing State

Florida is a “must win” state for Romney, and polling in the final stretch of the presidential campaign shows him with an edge.  Given the solid support for President Obama in the critical swing state in 2008, it is worth examining what is different this time.  The state’s emerging Puerto Rico population may hold some… Read more »

New Poll Shows Momentum For Fortuno and Statehood: Both Lead By More Than 5%

A new poll shows that incumbent Governor Luis Fortuno has taken the lead in the gubinatorial race with 47.2% of the vote.  Challenger and Popular Democratic Party (PDP) member Garcia Padilla followed in second place with 41.5%, Independence candidate Commissioner Juan Dalmau Ramírez had 4% of the vote, and the three remaining candidates received 7.3%. The poll was conducted from October 19, 2012 to October 22,… Read more »