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Puerto Rican Influence in the Presidential Election

On election day, the people of Puerto Rico will have no direct say in who becomes President of the United States.  Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens.  They serve in the U.S. military.  But as a territory and not a state, Puerto Rico has no Electoral College votes, and its residents have no formal voice on election day.

Yet Puerto Rico has already impacted the presidential election, and the influence of the Puerto Rican vote within the 50 states is expected to be a factor in November.Read More »Puerto Rican Influence in the Presidential Election

Statehood: Is Now the Best Chance?

The possibility of Puerto Ricans overwhelmingly supporting Statehood has never been more of a reality than in today’s political environment. A November 2006 telephone poll of residents of the island showed when faced with the decision, 74% would choose Statehood over the 12% in favor of Independence. With 65% of respondents favorable to Luis Fortuño winning PNP’s gubernatorial race in 2008, “now” may very well be Puerto Rico’s best chance at moving towards true representation in Washington.Read More »Statehood: Is Now the Best Chance?