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Admiral Horacio Rivero: Puerto Rico’s First Navy Admiral

Horacio Rivero was born in 1910 in Ponce, Puerto Rico, just six years before the people of Puerto Rico accepted U.S. citizenship. He graduated third in his class from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and served in a number of positions, including that of Gunner on the U.S.S San Juan, which was named… Read more »

Early Puerto Rican Military Leadership: Teófilo Marxuach and WWI

The first military unit in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico was established on March 2, 1899, less than a year after the July 25, 1898, incursion of U.S. forces into Puerto Rico as Spain ceded the island to the United States under the Treaty of Paris. That first military unit was the Puerto Rico Regiment… Read more »

Carmen Garcia Rosado: Soldier and Activist

Carmen Garcia Rosado was one of the first women to join the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) in World War II. She was a member of the Puerto Rican WAC unit, Company 6, 2nd Battalion, 21st Regiment of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. Rosado, an educator, wrote LAS WACS-Participacion de la Mujer Boricua en la Segunda… Read more »

Language, Culture and Military Training

Members of the Illinois National Guard Special Forces Unit and the Puerto Rico National Guard trained together at Camp Santiago in Salinas, Puerto Rico earlier this month. The training focused on military operations in urban settings, marksmanship, and close quarters combat, but both sides reported that they also benefited in another way. The trainings were… Read more »

A Personal Story for Puerto Rican Veterans

One of the striking things about Puerto Rico is the high level of military service in the U.S. territory. Particularly when in light of the fact that residents of Puerto Rico cannot take part in presidential elections, it is noteworthy that so many Puerto Ricans have volunteered to serve in their Commander in Chief. One Puerto… Read more »

Medal of Honor Awards to Puerto Rican Soldiers

Next month, President Barack Obama will award 24 U.S.. Army veterans the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry during major combat operations in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. In each case, the soldiers have previously received the Distinguished Service Cross, which is the nation’s second highest military award. The Medal… Read more »

Pierluisi Honors Puerto Rico’s Military

Rep. Pedro Pierluisi honored the military men and women of Puerto Rico in a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Pierluisi reminded his fellow representatives that Puerto Ricans have served in the military in disproportionate numbers in every conflict since World War I. Speaking of the portraits of fallen soldiers… Read more »

Honor the Borinqueneers

On Veterans Day, we think more than ever of the Borinqueneers, members of an all-volunteer regiment of Puerto Rican soldiers who served with distinction in the U.S. Armed Services since World War I and are known for their extraordinary service and valor during the Korean War. Many groups are now working to gain recognition for the Borinqueneers… Read more »