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Certified Results of the Puerto Rican Plebiscite

The State Election commission of PuertoRico issued an official preliminary certification of plebiscite results on November 9th, two days after the landmark election in which the people of Puerto Rico voted for the first time to become a state of the United States.   The Puerto Rico Report has posted a copy of this document, which can be viewed here.

According to the preliminary certification, exactly 54% of voters responded “no” when asked whether they agree that Puerto Rico should continue to have its prsent form of territoireal status.  Forty-six percent responded “yes.”

When asked to indicate which non-territorial option they prefer (regardless of their answer to question one), 61.14% of voters indicated statehood, 33.32% selected sovereign free associated state, and 5.54% answered independence.

The voter turnout was 78.19%.

These results are only slightly different from those posted on the Puerto Rico State Election Commission website as of today.  According to the website, 53.99% of the voters responded “no” to the first question, and the breakdown to the second question was 61.47% for statehood, 33.06% for sovereign free associated state and 5.46% for independence.  The voter turnout percentage slightly increased to 78.35%

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