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Clinton Foundation Visits Puerto Rico

Former President Bill and Hilary Clinton will be in Puerto Rico this week for a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Action Network in support of rebuilding Puerto Rico. “Build Back Better” is the slogan of the undertaking.

The first event of the meeting was an airlift of 30,000 pounds of medical supplies. More than 500 business leaders, philanthropists, and government leaders will join in the third disaster relief meeting, described by the Foundation as an opportunity to “discuss the current recovery efforts in the region, progress to date, ongoing challenges, and progress on commitments that address critical issues such as food security, access to healthcare, small business support, sustainable tourism, and renewable energy.”

Looking for progress

The Clintons will visit three initiatives which have been making progress toward post-disaster recovery.

  • The first is a project of the World Central Kitchen in Las Piedras. Chefs for Puerto Rico and Chef Network Relief served more than 3.6 million meals in Puerto Rico.They left behind a project empowering small farmers to increase their production. The project involves better agricultural practices, sustainability, and modern technology.
  • The second is an initiative of the Foundation for Puerto Rico in the municipality of Humacao. The foundation has raised $4.2million which it uses to support small businesses with cash grants and training. In Humacao, small businesses receive training on financial management as well as loans. The project also focuses on whole-community revival through support of local businesses.
  • The third project is a reforestation and habitat restoration program by For Nature in the municipality of Ceiba. The organization works to support disaster recovery of the natural environment, and education about the environment in Puerto Rico.

New commitments

18 commitments have already been made. El Nuevo Dia reports that additional commitments to Puerto Rico are expected to take place during the CGI meeting. The Clintons will also meet with Governor Rossello.

This event is the third meeting of the Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery, established in February of 2018. It will be live streamed on Facebook.

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