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“Commonwealth” Party in Alignment with Anti-Latino Group to Block PR Equality

As more of the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico have aspired to equality with residents of the States, Puerto Rico’s “Commonwealth” party has worked in tandem with anti-Latino groups to block the self-determination of Puerto Ricans.  The most recent example of their mutual efforts is featured on the Website of ProEnglish, a group that is run out of the same office as an organization working to reduce immigration into the U.S. Most immigrants to the U.S. at present are people of Hispanic origin.

The featured post [below] earlier ran as a blogpost on the Website of The Hill, a newspaper for the congressional community. It was authored by the chairman of the “Commonwealth” party’s Federal affairs committee.  It argues that Puerto Rico’s current political status ( territory, often misleadingly called “Commonwealth“) did not lose Puerto Rico’s November 2012 plebiscite on status options.  The blog also asserts that the statehood option did not win — contrary to the count of Puerto Rico’s Elections Commission.  


There is a history of “Commonwealth” party officials working with anti-Hispanic voices.  In 1998, ‘commonwealthers’ enlisted anti-Hispanic immigrant leaders in efforts to prevent congressional approval of Puerto Rican status choice legislation (H.R. 856).  The bill passed the House of Representatives but this opposition impeded the legislation’s movement in the Senate, and H.R. 856 was not enacted into law.  

4 thoughts on ““Commonwealth” Party in Alignment with Anti-Latino Group to Block PR Equality”

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  2. Typical of the Popular Democrat party’s Mayoral to ignore Puerto Rico’s majority suburban landscape. Instead he made sure La Perla ghetto was the image to be shown!

  3. This hypocritical party claims they will hold a “constitucional assembly on status” if ,in the Commonwealth party’s own words…”Congress fails to act”.

    Meanwhile,The “popular” Democrat Party pays Charlie Black and his Prime Policy Group $500 dollars an hour to denigrate Puerto Ricans and PUERTO RICO in its anti status referendum lobbying. They showed Congress photos of 3rd world latin countries,falsely claiming it was Puerto Rico.
    The Governor even said Pyerto Rico would be nothing more than a “Latin American Ghetto” under statehood.

    One thing to understand, the PDP’s job is to satisfy its constituency…the Wealthy celebrities who own homes here,the corporations, US and Foreign, who legally evade Federal taxes under unincorporated territory. The local Catholic Church,which allies itself with corrupt Latin American churches ,not looking to fall whithin supervision of the US Bishops. And the armchair nationalists or “lite” independence advocates who NEVER vote for independence to keep their federal entitlements!
    They support the perpetual commonwealth.

    All this “enhanced commonwealth” (which they wont describe on paper) ,and Cobstitutional assemblies is just stall tactics to trick Congress into taking a “wait and see” attitude.
    The PPD than waits for Congress to end its 2 year session,any PR bill dies, the PPD WINS.

    Then they start all over again with he next Congress.

  4. A note to PR Report and Luis Arroyo:

    Mr. Arroyo, I would like to use part of your Feb. 1, 2014 post on PDP hypocrisy in a news story. But I need to confirm the quote and get some contact information for you.

    If you read this notice, please contact me ASAP.

    Gene Roman
    347-931-8051 or

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