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Congressman Adam Kinzinger Asserts Commitment to Help Puerto Rico

In an interview on October 10, 2017 on CNN, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) asserted a congressional commitment to the people of Puerto Rico.

“Absolutely”, Kinzinger said when asked if the Puerto Rico relief effort is one of the main priorities for Congress. “This is the number one role of the federal government – to defend its people, military and things like hurricanes or natural disasters”, Kinzinger stated.

Regarding the current relief efforts, Rep. Kinzinger stated: “We have deployed all the assets necessary from what I understand, anything else we’ll do.”

“I’m a Guard pilot, by the way”, Kinzinger added, “I fly an RC-26. We’re involved, right now, in Puerto Rico looking for damage and people that are stranded or missing and assets that are needed. Congress will keep their eye on them.”

One test of congressional commitment will arise this week as the House of Representatives plans to consider disaster relief legislation.  In the letter to Congress, Governor Roselló requested $4.6 billion in immediate relief to resolve the liquidity needs for Puerto Rico.

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