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Congressman Sean Duffy Supports Assistance and Accountability for Puerto Rico

On Monday Oct. 9, 2017, Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) was interviewed on CNN regarding Hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

When asked about his thoughts on Governor Roselló’s request to Congress of $4 billion in relief, Duffy stated: “The Island was devastated. Listen, I want to look at where he wants to send the money. But they are going to need billion dollars to rebuild and I think this is an opportunity for us in Congress and with the president and with Puerto Rico to team up and rethink the way that the island actually works.”

Rep. Duffy added:  “I’m going to be supportive of revenue that flows to Puerto Rico to help them in this disaster, but I actually want to see how they plan on spending it”, Duffy stated.

Acknowledging that the efforts will need to go above and beyond what the Governor requested, Duffy acknowledged that “it is probably going to be even more than $4 billion to support the island and great people — and you know, I think this could be a great rebirth for Puerto Rico.”

Puerto Rico needs to recover quickly from this humanitarian crisis because many Puerto Ricans are leaving the island, as Duffy recognized “not because they want to leave Puerto Rico, they would prefer to stay there with their families, where their roots are, where their life is.”

Duffy restated his support for Puerto Rico and shed light on what he hopes Puerto Rico will result in the recovery efforts. “I think out of this crisis, we might see some great results come for the island and for the people of Puerto Rico and so I will support the island and the governor and the whole team”, Duffy concluded.


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