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Donald Trump Courts Puerto Rican Voters

President Donald Trump courted Puerto Rican voters during a Florida rally on Monday, his first since catching Covid-19.

“I’m not gonna say the best, but I’m just about the best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico. You better vote for me, Puerto Rico,” boasted the president.

President Trump’s campaign for reelection, like his competitor’s campaign, has moved into Spanish language ads. His first is the one shown below, claiming that Joe Biden’s mental capacity is deteriorating:

This ad is running very frequently in Florida, but also in other hotly contested states such as Pennsylvania, Arizona, and North Carolina.

Another ad specifically targets Puerto Ricans:

This ad, called “Rebuilding,” boasts about the current administration’s response to Hurricane Maria and questions Joe Biden’s voting record on Section 936. “Puerto Ricans can count on Trump,” the ad claims.

Another Spanish language ad shows Joe Biden describing himself as “progressive” along with clips of leaders such as Fidel Castro saying, “Progresista.” The ad focuses on a claim that “Progressive = Socialist.”

Trump trying to make up lost ground with Puerto Ricans

President Trump has made negative comments about Puerto Rico in the past, but has begun to work on gaining votes from Puerto Rican voters in the States. Visits to Florida and Spanish-language ads look central to his strategy.

Trump also released billions of dollars of funds for Puerto Rico. The Governor of Puerto Rico recently endorsed his campaign. He has repeatedly said, “I’m the best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico.”

In the tweet shown above, Trump says, “The drug manufacturers are coming back. Biden ended that program.” Trump is referring to a tax deal, Section 936, which gave manufacturers significant tax savings, but didn’t create significant revenue or jobs for Puerto Rico. However, there is a widespread belief that the end of Section 936, which took place gradually over a number of years, led to Puerto Rico’s financial troubles. Trump is using this narrative in ads and speeches targeting Puerto Rican voters.

Florida is key

Florida’s Puerto Rican population is expected to be key in the presidential race. According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florida’s Winners have led on average by just 2.6% since 1996 — the lowest in any State. Trump’s margin in 2016, when he took Florida against Hillary Clinton, was 1.2%.

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Courts Puerto Rican Voters”

  1. Many! Many will vote for him Florida and the whole Nation! We want Capitalism not Socialism! We that will vote for him understand its whats actually Done! And not the (Bull )Puerto Ricans are Feed! Look at the Island all talk?? Thats it talk? Trump keeps promises! So smell the Roses!

  2. Many! Many will vote for him Florida and the whole Nation! We want Capitalism not Socialism! We that will vote for him understand its whats actually Done! And not the (Bull )Puerto Ricans are Feed! Look at the Island all talk?? Thats it talk? Trump keeps promises! So smell the Roses! You Prejudice’s are not The Voters!

  3. *US Constitution; Trump & Federal Discrimination*
    The Federal Government should be the Servant of all the People; not the Master of some (like Puerto Ricans)!

    Trump (on the FOX-“Hannity Show”), Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Sen. Graham (R-SC), Sen. Cruz (TX), and some other Republican Senators–have Generalized-Stereotyped Puerto Ricans…; have said they don’t support Statehood for Puerto Rico because they “would elect two Democrat Senators”, among other discriminatory things. This is UN-AMERICAN; untrue because Puerto Ricans Vote their conscious (like other Americans); have elected a pro-statehood Republican Territory Government (that inherited the Fiscal mess); it should not be a subjective factor in the US Federal Government providing Statehood!

    Besides, Trump stated that Puerto Ricans want to keep the Colonial Federal undemocratic Status-Quo (which is a lie as Puerto Ricans want FAIRNESS-EQUALITY); blames the VICTIM! Puerto Ricans have rejected the current Territorial Status and Independence (which never gets more than 2-5% of the Vote)- per six local Plebiscites. Also, a majority of Americans in the States (Gallop-66%), and Territory support- Statehood- that Puerto Ricans have earned with sacrifice, contributions; blood, sweat, and Tears! Puerto Ricans cherish their US Citizenship, but, want EQUALITY as other US Citizens have!

    The Facts are: Since, 1898 (for over 122+ years)–fellow, but, 2d Class US Citizens-American Veterans (part of “We the People”), in the US Territory of PR (with more US Citizens than 22 States) — have made many valuable contributions to our USA! But, until TODAY Puerto Ricans face Federal undemocratic Control—NO Federal “Consent of the Governed” (NO Vote for US President; NO just Representation in US Congress; NO Parity in Federal Laws-Programs-Funds; NO permanent statutory US Citizenship-even in a State) that other US Citizens have, under our US Constitution; noble US Flag- that Represents all diverse “WE THE PEOPLE”!

    President Trump, instead of supporting Fairness-Equality has generalized-stereotyped Puerto Ricans as “corrupt” which is an Individual, not an Ethnic Group, crime—deserves Justice-with due process! Trump made Excuses to hold back Federal Disaster Funds owed to Puerto Rico…; supports Federal institutional discrimination, against Hispanics-Puerto Ricans (about 10 million strong–US Territory, and States)… Also, Trump unfairly ended the “Presidential Task Force on Puerto Rico Status” that sought to bring Fairness-Equality. This is an assault on the principles-essence of our noble “WE THE PEOPLE”- US Constitution (with Amendments) that stands for FAIRNESS-EQUALITY for ALL!

    Today, Puerto Ricans work on solving a complex Magna CRISIS which major ROOT components are-
    *Economic-Jobs; Fiscal-Debt; Infrastructure; Social; Status-Equality* Where each PART affects the other; the Federal undemocratic Territorial (Colonial) Status, per the outdated Territorial Clause (1787), and racist Insular Cases (1901-1925+) affects everything! (It states, “The US Congress can discriminate in applying the US Constitution to Territories…” (like Puerto Rico). This is wrong; was NOT applied to other US Territories that became States before Puerto Rico!

    Federal discrimination ties Puerto Rican hands to fairly compete on a Level Playing Field; be treated equally as fellow US Citizens-American Veterans in the States are! Equality for all “We the People” should come first; NOT, disguised Federal political oppression.

    Besides, Trump, and the Federal Government, makes Excuses to slash or hold back—earned Federal Funds (Disaster, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, HUD-Housing, Social, and Veterans’)–as Puerto Ricans don’t have Parity in Federal Laws, Programs or Funding; have lost over $300 billion since 1898; is not treated as other US Citizens-American Veterans in the States! Also, Trump took away $480 Million from the Military-PR National Guard for the expensive “Wall” that can be breached, among many other things!

    Trump, with his wrong actions undermines– the Fairness-Equality-Moral spirit of our US Constitution, and puts down the US Territory of Puerto Rico Government (which is Republican-of his own Party)! The Territorial Government has inherited the Fiscal mess; is taking ACTION to fight Individual corruption-with (due process), and deal with the Roots of the 122+ year MAGNA Crisis, but, needs Federal support.

    Our evolving US Constitution (with Amendments) stands for Fair Treatment—Equal Civil Rights for ALL “WE THE PEOPLE”; while imperfect, and left to some interpretation, it’s the best in the annals of Human History! Plus, our Declaration of Independence states: “Consent of the Governed” for all…

    The Federal Government (of both Parties) have done some good things, but, still play “Political Football” with Puerto Ricans; generalize; speculate; make excuses; has not acted to correct the situation; and only puts “Band-Aids”, not fix the Roots of the undemocratic Federal Status-Crisis (since 1898)!

    US Citizens-American Veterans (in Puerto Rico-States)-sacrifice; shed sweat, blood, and tears; have made many valuable contributions to our USA, since 1513-when their Ancestors came to the now US-107 years before the Pilgrims; fought in the US Revolutionary War…. Since, 1898, Puerto Ricans bravely defend our noble US Flag (WW-I, WW-II, Korea, Vietnam…until today)—that represents all the People; States, and Territories, A “UNION”–where each State has their own Identity, Constitution, Flag and Sovereignty, but, UNITED for the Good of All!

    Moving forward, the Federal Government, along with the PR Territorial Government, must FIX the roots of Federal discrimination against Hispanics-Puerto Ricans, not only provide Excuses or Generalizations that discriminate; must ensure Fair Treatment-Equal Rights for all–through a defined, non-Territorial, Plebiscite (Statehood “YES” or “NO”)… Let the People decide!

    Silence to discrimination; supports injustice! The Media, and all Patriots of True Grit must help unmask the naked truth! You can’t have it both ways—either support equality or discrimination! United with Truth, Reason, Courage, and Civic Action for the Good of ALL!

    *The MEDIA, which is AWOL, must uncover the naked truth on Federal discrimination against Puerto Ricans! ASK Candidates–“Will you support FAIR TREATMENT-EQUAL RIGHTS for 2d Class US Citizens-American Veterans (part of “We The People”), US Territory of Puerto Rico (with more US Citizens than 22 States)—that have NO Federal “Consent of the Governed”; face Federal discrimination–by admitting Puerto Ricans to our UNION, through a Plebiscite—STATEHOOD “YES” or “NO”?”
    **Alternative: Federal Government does a Plebiscite with defined constitutional Non-Territorial Options, which only are: STATEHOOD vs INDEPENDENCE (without or with PACT-Free Association).

    Dennis O. Freytes (MPA, MHR, BBA)-Florida Veterans Hall of Fame; Community Servant Leader
    • US Presidents support Statehood—
    CONTACT: MEDIA; US President and US Congress (DO: Resolutions; Emails; Letters; Forums; Town Halls…)

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