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Ex-Obama Intern’s Video on Puerto Rico’s Lack of Votes

Phillip Arroyo, who has been an intern in the Obama White House as well as an assistant to statehood party government officials in Puerto Rico, has made a documentary on Puerto Rico’s territory status and lack of votes in its national government: The Government of the United States.

The video takes a look at the way the three branches of the U.S. Government and former presidents of the United States have addressed the issue.

Arroyo  expresses his frustration at being the only White House intern who was not able to vote for the president for whom he worked. The video tells Obama, “We have waited enough.”

“I dream of the day our nation starts practicing what it preaches abroad,” Arroyo concludes, “I dream of a unified Puerto Rico. I dream of the day my daughter will live in a Puerto Rico where she will have the same rights and responsibilities as any other American citizen.”

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