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Financial Oversight and Management Board Requests Comments on Gov’s Fiscal Plan before Wednesday

The Puerto Rico Financial Oversight and Management Board has asked for comments by next Wednesday at 9 AM on the fiscal plan that Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla (Popular Democratic Party) submitted October 14th, although New Progressive Party Governor-Elect Ricardo Rossello has said that he will submit an alternative plan.

In inviting comments, the Board distilled the Garcia Padilla plan, identifying the following among key elements —

  • Current spending would be reduced nine percent.
  • Revenue would increase nine percent.
  • There would be new spending of $9.9 billion.
  • $16.1 billion in additional Federal healthcare funding is assumed.
  • $8.4 billion in additional revenue as a consequence of the plan.
  • The net is a $15.4 billion deficit over 10 years if all debt is serviced.

The following is a link to the Board’s announcement/summary.

The Board had earlier indicated that it would hold a public hearing in Puerto Rico during mid-November.  No final date for this hearing has been announced.

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