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Florida Candidate: Puerto Rico Government Office in Florida Being Used for Political Work

The Government of Puerto Rico’s new office in central Florida is being used for partisan political activities, according to a candidate for governor of Florida.

Elizabeth Cuevas Neunder also said that the “office is not doing its job.”

Cuevas Neunder put the blame on the office director, Bexaida (Betsy) Franceschini.

The gubernatorial hopeful reported that she had “sent cases of Puerto Ricans in the community to resolve and she [Franceschini] has not helped.”

She charged that Franceschini, a former regional director of the Florida Democratic Party, was using the office to mobilize people who have moved from Puerto Rico to vote for Democratic Party candidates.

According to a report, Cuevas Neunder also questioned why the Government of Puerto Rico had established an office to help citizens of a State while it is critically short of funds needed to provide services to residents of the territory.

Cuevas Neunder is originally from Puerto Rico.  After being active in the Romney for President campaign, she is seeking the Republican Party nomination against incumbent Governor Rick Scott.

Her statements were quoted on a trip to Puerto Rico.  While in the territory, she attended an event to prepare Puerto Ricans for relocating to Florida because of the lack of opportunity in the Commonwealth and the much greater benefits of living in a State.



1 thought on “Florida Candidate: Puerto Rico Government Office in Florida Being Used for Political Work”

  1. We all know that the Florida office serves no other purposes than political work. In fact as soon as the announcement was made by the current government we knwe what it would be used for. They are desperately trying to stop PR from becoming an actual state because their agenda is to separate tha island from the US and unite to the Cuban allies. Something which is against the will of 97% of the people in PR and is even against the will of the same people they represent as a party. They tricked the voters and are using all resources to stop education and movements towards statehood.

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