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Fortuño and Vela at the Republican Convention

Puerto Rico’s first lady Luce Vela Fortuño introduced Ann Romney at the Republican Convention in Tampa last night, first highlighting Governor Luis Fortuño’s “success story of fiscal responsibility.. and compassionate attention to a social and faith-based agenda of unprecedented reach and consequence.”

Governer Luis Fortuño will speak at the convention this evening.

For the people of Puerto Rico, regardless of political orientation, this is a red letter day. In a government in which Puerto Rico is not directly represented, it is all the more important that the territory’s elected officials have unofficial ties to both mainstream political parties.  The Puerto Rican presence is being felt at the Republican convention.

Mitt Romney Central quoted Governor Fortuño as saying, “The most important issue in this election is our economy. Mitt Romney has the real-world experience and solid plan that will create jobs and help businesses succeed. I will deliver this message to my party and to the world at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.”

Puerto Ricans in the United States make up a significant voting population, as do Hispanics in general. The Austin Statesman is one of many resources that has speculated on Romney’s strategy for wooing Hispanic voters, pointing to a current Spanish language ad campaign and portions of the Republican platform that could resonate with Hispanic voters.  An August Gallup poll showed Mitt Romney with roughly half of the Hispanic support held by President Obama.

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