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Fortuno Gains Ground in Latest Poll

Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia is reporting that Governor Luis Fortuno (NPP) has has pulled even in the race for governor, coming within two percentage points of challenger Alejandro Garcia Padilla (PDP). 

The most recent poll shows that Padilla’s lead has fallen to within the margin of error, 41% to 39%.  The previous poll in August had Padilla up 41% to 36%.  The publication labeled the results “a virtual tie.”

El Nuevo Dia quoted the NPP campaign director, Angel Cintron, as saying that “Luis Fortuno has the momentum” to be reelected in November and that NPP independent polls show Fortuno ahead.  Victory Suarez, the PDP general secretary, has countered that his party’s internal polling has Padilla with a more commanding lead than the El Nuevo Dia results.

The recent survey also polled participants on the race for resident commissioner and found that incumbent Pedro Pierluisi (NPP) continues to lead challenger Rafael Cox Alomar (PDP) by a margin of 45% to 39%.

The El Nuevo Dia poll, which was taken from October 2-4, interviewed approximately 1,000 voters across Puerto Rico.

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