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A new website,, is presenting a bill to citizens in a new way. Visitors can choose between English and Spanish, and receive full information about the Puerto Rico Status Resolution Act in their chosen language.

The homepage explains how the bill, HR2000, provides a clear path to statehood for Puerto Rico:


Each of these steps is explained when visitors click through to read more.


Visitors who scroll down will see an invitation to support the bill. Click through, and you’ll be offered an easy way to send a letter of support to your representatives in the House and Seante. U.S. Mainland residents choose their state first, while Puerto Rico residents are provided an appropriate option on a separate screen.

After visitors send a letter, they are returned to the homepage automatically and thanked on screen and in a bilingual email delivered automatically to the email provided. If they continue to scroll, they can subscribe to the newsletter or follow links to resources such as the full text of the bill and the website.

The website includes an aggregate of press on the subject of the bill as well as contact information and FAQs. HR2000 appears to be the only bill with its own website.

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