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Joe Biden Appeals to Puerto Rican Voters

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has created new ads designed to appeal to Puerto Rican voters.

The first ad, “US Citizens Already,” shows the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and emphasizes the connection between the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico and those living in states.

“In the United States there is no room for the idea that there are second-class American citizens. Period,” said Biden, using footage from his speech in Kissimmee, Florida.

In his remarks in Florida, Biden added that the United States federal government must respect the results of the upcoming plebiscite and act to grant Puerto Rico statehood if Puerto Ricans vote for it in November.

The second, a Spanish language ad with a Puerto Rican narrator, focuses on Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA). The ad says that Harris is “with us” and emphasizes her support of women, immigrants, and the rights of all.

The third ad, “Faith and Family,” speaks more broadly to the Hispanic community in the United States, making the point that Latinx voters are a powerful population in 2020’s election.

“More than any other time, the Hispanic community, the Latino community holds in the palm of their hand the destiny of this country,” Biden said, again using footage from his Florida visit. “You can decide the direction of this country.”

The Biden campaign also is running a radio ad contrasting Trump’s “billions of promises” with the chaotic and limited federal response to the crisis in Puerto Rico.

The importance of Puerto Rican voters

The population of Puerto Rican voters has risen significantly in several battleground states. Campaigns on both sides have ramped up efforts to register and mobilize Puerto Rican voters.

A recent Quinnipiac poll shows Biden leading Trump in Florida with Hispanic voters 51%-37%. (See more from this poll.) Other polls have shown similar numbers, but the race is still considered very close.

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  1. If you want to change the system (ie Venezuela Cuba) Biden is your vote! For the Rest of who believe in liberty freedom and free Enterprise (Captilaism) we stay with Trump! May God Bless The United Stayes!

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