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New Polls on Puerto Rico Status

Two new polls on Puerto Rico status are being conducted in the run up to the 2017 referendum.

The Tylt, a website that gives readers a chance to vote in simple yes-or-no polls, asked whether Puerto Rico should become the 51st state. As of this writing, 68.6% of respondents say yes to statehood for Puerto Rico.

They quote Governor Rossello on the need for statehood:

“If we compare ourselves with the other 50 states, the fundamental difference is our lack of rights, our lack of participation, and our lack of resources to move our jurisdiction forward,” he said. “Our colonial condition creates a situation of incredible inequality.”

There are also quotes from supporters of independence and a statement from The Huffington Post saying that statehood is “a pipe dream” — impossible, regardless of the wishes of the people of Puerto Rico.

The results of previous polls and votes — also favoring statehood — are presented, as well as typical social media mentions.

The Tylt presents various perspective and asks readers to make a choice.They show the results of the poll as people vote.

Pasquines, which is conducting their poll through June 6, takes a different approach. They ask a number of questions, including previous voting record and demographic information, and will tabulate and announce the results after the poll ends. Pasquines selects a sample from the respondents which matches the profile of Puerto Rican voters. Their questions are presented in Spanish and in English.

Their 2016 polls correctly predicted outcomes of several contests.

The links above will take you to the pages where you can participate in the polls.

Some other recent polls:

5 thoughts on “New Polls on Puerto Rico Status”

    1. No, it doesn’t. Also, seeing the results as they come in can affect people’s choices. The Pasquines poll may be more reliable. But the poll at The Tylt shows similar results to the polling by newspapers in Puerto Rico over the past year. Presumably The Tylt is reaching a broader population and shows something about broad trends.

  1. The support for statehood rises when Americans are informed Puerto Ricans are US citizens & US soil since 1898.

    Recent survey showed 50% of Americans thought PR was a foreign country and even less knew all Puerto Ricans are Americans. Puerto Rico is US domestic soil.

  2. Lots of Puerto Ricans don’t even know they are Americans, even the Puerto Rican media “Nuestro Pais” instead of “Nuestra Colonia”. “Nuestra Nacion” What a Joke. We can pursuit happiness from the state of PR instead of moving into the mainland to do so. Becoming a state is NOT going to be easy, but it is possible- and it will be worth fighting for

  3. Why Street Signs, Roadway Signs in the island are mostly only in Spanish and when you travel to other non English speaking countries do. The fear of losing culture is deeply rooted on this island.

    we are third generation New York Rican and extremely proud of our salsa music and rice and beans- Puerto Rico is in our blood and statehood is not going to take that away from us.

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