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New Puerto Rico Status Vote

In 2014, Washington approved a $2.5 million appropriation for a new status plebiscite in Puerto Rico, the first federally funded vote on the Island’s status. Former governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla promised to hold the plebiscite in 2016, but this did not take place. Now, the Puerto Rico legislature is considering a bill to hold the referendum on May 28, 2017. The options on the ballot will be statehood and independence, the only viable options for Puerto Rico’s political status.

If the people choose statehood again, the ball will be in the court of Congress. Congress has accepted 32 territories into the Union as states since 1776. While it has in some cases taken a number of attempts, Congress has never yet refused a request for statehood from a U.S. territory.

If independence wins the day, there will be a further vote in September deciding between a relationship of free association with the U.S. or completely independent nationhood.

Puerto Rico leadership plans to, at least, match the federal funding. The costs identified include not just the logistics of holding the vote, but also funds for bipartisan voter education.

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzales-Colon has already introduced a bill to make Puerto Rico the 51st state of the Union. The Puerto Rico plebiscite in May could help galvanize support of that bill.

Darren Soto (D-FL), for example, has stated that he’ll support statehood only if a new referendum confirms the 2012 vote for statehood. “My position,” he told the Orlando Sentinel, “is that we need to have a clear vote on a referendum that says ‘yes’ or ‘no’ before I can support the admission of Puerto Rico as a state.”

Jose Serrano (D-NY) is another supporter of a permanent status for Puerto Rico, expressing approval for either independence or statehood, but not with the current “colonial” relationship. He, like Soto, President-elect Trump, and many more members of the U.S. government, has said he’ll strongly support the decision of the people of Puerto Rico.

The May 28th vote would provide the opportunity to clarify the wishes of the Puerto Rican people.

The Gonzalez-Colon status bill, HR260, has been referred to the committee on Natural Resources.

12 thoughts on “New Puerto Rico Status Vote”

  1. Puerto Rico needs its independence with its own autonomy and self economic development,its needs its own soverignity and right to exist as a nation with its own identity and culture.Puerto Rico grab independence they need to stand on their own two feet and become an independent country.Independence or an agreement on a compact of free association.Don’t get me wrong United States is a great country and I was born here and I love it very much but is history is better off with 50 states no more than that.I’m not against United States I love United States I really do but honestly is better with 50 no more than that.I been observing how happy and proud countries of the world are representing their nations with its identity,olimpic,miss universe,sports,culture you name it why take it away from one another.

    1. You’re do full of ?!!
      If you really loved the United States, you’d like it prosper and grow. Imagine if the 13 colonies had said: Sorry, 13 is enough!.

      Like I said, your full of it.
      Your typical response to BETTENCOURT calling him a “national sellout” for loving USA & wanting statehood exposes your anti American reality!

  2. Some people live in a fantasy world, PR will be empty if it becomes independent, what recourses we have ” El Narco”, all the brain drain that is happening- you think they will be returning- hell F no. Our best option is to become a full flesh state- we have things to offer, many of us will return and invest to our beloved island. We need to command respect as full flesh Americans.

    1. You rather let them manipulate you and get brainwashed by others nations instead of fighting for your freedom then you’re a vendepatria callado te vez mejor.Those that seek statehood have no clear understanding about freedom and have been brainwashed by the socialist statehood propaganda.

      1. Who the hell are you to impose your “freedom” on 98% of Puerto Rico?
        Freedom from what?
        *Capitalism,private property,free enterprise, private industry & investment.

        The independence movement is based on SOCIALIST COMMUNIST IDEALS. The PPD & PIP separatist “sovereignty” proponents always look toward Cuba & Venezuela as models.
        But whatever, the real reason for commenting is to call you for the HYPOCRITE POS THAT YOU ARE!
        After all that “I love USA’ bulls**t, you call a fellow American a “national sellout” As if he sold out his Puerto Rican “nation” for statehood.

        There will be no independence!
        There will be no hybrid “Independenstadidad”/ “Independenstatehood” (best of both worlds) hybrid Enhanced Commonwealth!

        Remember my name, you anti American seditious Traitor

        LUIS ARROYO AKA “AmeRICAN*51*Luis Arroyo” (Diqus) “Deplorable L Arroyo” Twitter!


  3. Before the Puerto Ricans vote, if the statehood v independence vote is ever adjured to the people of Puerto Rico, each voter must remember, her or his vote is final; there is no turning back.
    RF Writes

    1. That’s something congress needs to make clear.
      And if the PPD boycotts the referendum to create a questionable 96% for Statehood result (which they will argue is actually “under 50%”)
      Congress should propose a simple vote:

      If yes, statehood or incorporated territory.
      If NO, then Independence talks begin with Free Association agreement

  4. Look here you Arroyo that I’m on drugs?No you fool and by the way I’m not gonna argue with you and to fight you need two and I’m not there.The problem with some politics not all just some that they’re never satisfate wanting more than what it is and I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you cursing because all I could say peace be upon you bless your heart and I’m no traitor I only telling the truth that I been observing how each nations of the world are happy and proud to represent their countries with their identity,olimpics,cultures,heritages,sports,miss universe you name it why take it away from each other.That’s ok because you’re regret it lettimg other lands rule over you.

  5. I am not a Puerto Rican. I do not live there, and have never been there. However I am one of the many Americans who know that all Puerto Ricans are Citizens, and fellow Americans. I fully support a vote between Statehood and Independence. I also hope to see you choose to become a state. For me personally, your island would become a place I might decide to retire to in the future. Being a state would mean I would still be able to vote in national elections. I also believe that America is a great international stew, with a deep rich broth, and large chunks of cultures from all over the world. Even if PR did not become a state, the flavors you have contributed will linger forever. I believe, America would be a better nation, with your island being a state, than it would be without you at all. So, as you argue about your choices, just keep in mind, there are those us us “up here” who welcome you with open arms.

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