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New Rasmussen Poll Finds More Americans Favor Statehood for Puerto Rico

Rasmussen Reports, a major opinion polling organization, has reported that an increasing number of Americans approve of statehood for Puerto Rico, and more would prefer for Puerto Rico to become the 51st state than Washington, D.C.

In a phone and internet survey conducted last week, Rasmussen Reports asked 1,000 American adults whether D.C. and Puerto Rico should become states. There were two questions in the survey:

  1. The U.S. Constitution designates the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., as a federal district and not a state. Should Washington, D.C. be a state?
  2. Should Puerto Rico be a state?

On the second question, “Should Puerto Rico be a state?”, 47% said yes. 19% were not sure, so the number saying no to Puerto Rico as the 51st state was just 34%.

In contrast, 24% said yes to D.C. statehood and 58% said no, with 18% undecided.

Rasmussen Reports has asked these questions before. 40% favored statehood for Puerto Rico in March of 2017, and 33% said yes in 2015. The percentage of American adults favoring statehood for Puerto Rico is showing a steady increase.

Why favor statehood?

Why are people living in the States increasingly in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico? One of the most likely reasons is that more Americans are aware now that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens.

Surveys in the past have shown that Americans generally didn’t realize that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, or that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. For people who don’t understand this, asking whether Puerto Rico should become a State may be equivalent to asking whether Cuba or Madagascar should become a State.

The catastrophe of Hurricane Maria has made more Americans aware that Puerto Rico belongs to the United States and that people born in Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens.

5 thoughts on “New Rasmussen Poll Finds More Americans Favor Statehood for Puerto Rico”

  1. Why are USA people increasingly in favour of statehood for Puerto Rico? One of the most likely reasons is that more Americans, USA people, are becoming aware that Puerto Ricans are USA citizens; that’s amazing! USA citizens becoming aware there are USA citizens living in the USA, no that cannot be true. Anyone who knows the intellectual awareness of the USA people living in the contiguous United States would find it difficult – indeed – almost impossible to believe USA people are becoming aware of awareness let alone becoming aware that the PRs are USA citizens.

    Aside from the PR people’s inability to make a calculated decision, what is stopping PR from becoming a state of the USA? The USA’s long history of the white man’s burden, forget the high-minded desire of whites to uplift people of colour that part of the WM’sB is, and always was nonsense, just remember it is safe to estimate 96% of the USA’s Caucasian population are closet White Supremacist; that’s PR’s burden.

    There is, as we all should know, a strong likely hood PR’s Statehood would bring into the USA Congress two Democratic Senators and several Democratic Representatives – not good for a Republican controlled Congress. To be sure, The Donald, note the capital T, will Tweet something nasty about all those Ds from PR.

    What did Hurricane Maria do? It brought to the attention of the USA people living in the fifty USA states that an island whose name is Puerto Rico is going to try to milk the USA treasury dry, nothing else.

    Word has gotten around that Governor Ricardo Rosselló will try to privatise PR’s electric company. Wow! To get anyone to buy anything from a government plagued with nepotism, riddled with corruption and drowning in debt – that’s a miracle that would make Papa Adio envious: Goodness, with some insider trading from Papa Francisco RyR could become Santo Rosselló: Sainthood comes later, four days after the last drop of water is drunk.

    RF Writes

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  4. At this point in time…what is the most logical and prudent thing, that ALL Puerto Ricans can do to help themselves, individually?
    1. Be honest with yourself.
    2. Decide, today, to improve your own life.
    3. Get out of debt. It’s destroying you and your family.
    4. Physical fitness improves mental fitness.
    5. Forgive more often. Love 24/7.

    ‘YOU’…are responsible for your own life. Not your family, friends, or government.

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