Charities Help in Puerto Rico after Hurricanes

Washington has promised help and financial support to Puerto Rico in the wake of two devastating hurricanes this month. The First Lady of Puerto Rico is sponsoring a page of basic information, collecting donations to help with hurricane response, in cooperation with the American Red Cross and the United Way. Entertainer Jennifer Lopez   has… Read more »

Trump, Pence and Lawmakers Promise Support for Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, President Trump tweeted “Governor @RicardoRossello– We are with you and the people of Puerto Rico. Stay safe! #PRStrong.” Governor Rossello tweeted about his phone call with the president. Social media has been a hub for discussion of the hurricane among public servants and for people on the Island, who… Read more »

Washington Reacts to Hurricane Maria

Today is a somber day for Puerto Rico. This morning, the eye of hurricane Maria arrived to the island. Reports from the island already note great damage to the power infrastructure and vast flooding around the streets. With the imminent repercussions that hurricane Maria poses, the federal government is already showing great support to the… Read more »

Last Minute Advice and Instructions on Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló announced the Government of Puerto Rico has prepared 500 shelters for people who cannot stay with relatives or friends during the passage of Hurricane Maria, which intensified to Category 5 Monday night. “No generation has seen a hurricane like this since San Felipe II in 1928. This is an unprecedented… Read more »

Governor Rosselló Addresses the Nation as Hurricane Maria Approaches

Governor Ricardo Rosselló addressed the United States with gratitude this afternoon as Hurricane Maria approached the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico as a Category 5 storm.  His remarks appear below. My fellow Americans, as I speak to you right now the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is just hours away from being hit by Hurricane… Read more »

Hurricane Maria: Emergency Info for Puerto Rico

The arrival of hurricane Maria to the island is imminent. Tuesday morning, the hurricane regained classification of a category 5 storm at over 160 mph winds. Hurricane Maria will start affecting the island tonight, finalizing its trajectory on Wednesday night. As of today at 2 p.m., all of Puerto Rico’s businesses and schools were closed. … Read more »

Storms Continue to Threaten Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico residents lost power and water when Hurricane Irma grazed the Island. Hurricane Jose, a Category 1 Hurricane, may still make landfall on Puerto Rico as it heads for New England. At the same time, Hurricane Maria — currently a Category 5 hurricane — is heading toward the territory. Google Alert predicts that the… Read more »

Florida State Legislator To Congress: End Denial of Equal Civil Rights to U.S. Citizens in Puerto Rico

The Majority Whip in the Florida House of Representatives, Republican Robert Cortes from District 30 (Orange/Seminole), has introduced a resolution calling for Congress to grant equal civil rights under federal territorial law for 3.5 million U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico. Cortes wants the State of Florida to offer official support of equal treatment of Puerto… Read more »

The Puerto Rico Statehood Commission

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello is committed to making Puerto Rico statehood a reality, now that 97% of Puerto Rico voters have chosen statehood in the most recent referendum in June. The next step toward statehood is for Congress to vote to admit Puerto Rico. Thirty-two U.S. territories have already become U.S. states. After they… Read more »

Puerto Rico Diaspora in U.S. Grew Significantly In 2016

Puerto Rico has suffered from a big surge of migration to the United States in recent years due to the U.S. territory’s economic crisis. The “diaspora puertorriqueña” has been the term coined to describe the growing Puerto Rican population in the United States. The United States Census released data yesterday confirming that 88,676 people moved… Read more »