Foreign Taxation in Puerto Rico

A United States Senate subcommittee investigating U.S. companies that shelter overseas profits from taxation has found that Microsoft withheld up to $4.5 billion in federal taxes from 2009 to 2011 by transferring profits to a Puerto Rican subsidiary. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and its citizens are U.S. citizens, but the… Read more »

New Poll on Puerto Rico Governor Race

A new poll conducted by ASISA Research Group and reported on the El Vocero website has Governor Luis Fortuno pulling ahead of challenger Alejandro García Padilla by more than five percentage points: Fortuno: 44.5% Padilla: 39% Undecided: 9% Dalmau: 3.2% Other candidates: <1% each These results represent an increase of 11.5% for Fortuno since the last poll conducted by… Read more »

Pierluisi Speaks to the Congress

Congressman Pedro Pierluisi made a statement to the U.S. Congress this week to explain the upcoming plebiscite in Puerto Rico. The ballot will begin with the simple question of whether Puerto Rico should continue in its present status or not.

Pierluisi Delivers Speech to Congress Regarding Plebiscite

Congressman Pedro Pierluisi delivered the following remarks in the House of Representatives this morning about the upcoming Political Status Plebiscite: Mr. Speaker: On November 6th, the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico will hold a plebiscite on the Island’s political future.  Voters will be asked if they want to continue the current status or to seek… Read more »

Puerto Rico and Federal Spending

Poorer states like Alabama, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas often hear the tongue-in-cheek saying, “Thank God for Mississippi!” The poorest state in the nation with more than 21% of its residents living in poverty, Mississippi tends to fall at the bottom of rankings of states in the U.S. not just for per capita income but… Read more »

Justice Sotomayor, Baseball and What America Stands For

Puerto Rican voters in Florida are targeted in a new Spanish-language television commercial launched by the Obama campaign that criticizes Mitt Romney for saying he would have opposed Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.  

100 Puerto Rican Troops Deployed on 9/11

Yesterday, 9/11, Americans remembered the attack on the World Trade Center in many different ways, commemorating the fallen,  celebrating the public servants who stepped up to help the injured and rebuild the community, and giving or listening to speeches.

Luis Ramos Receives the Bronze Star

A Puerto Rican veteran who fought in some of the bloodiest battles of the Korean War was awarded a Bronze Star on Friday in San Juan.   Luis Ramos, who served with the Puerto Rico–based 65th Infantry Regiment, known as the Borinqueneers, received the medal at a ceremony held at a monument to the Borinqueneers.

The U.S. Flag with 51 Stars

  Puerto Rico has voted to become the 51st state of the Union. Congress, however, will have the final say on Puerto Rican statehood, giving residents of the fifty states influence in the decision making process as well.  It is an appropriate time for all Americans to discuss this issue and look ahead to the challenges and opportunities of having a 51st state…. Read more »