Sovereign Free Association: An Economic Risk for Puerto Ricans

A recent interview on the subject of Puerto Rico’s status suggested, with a startling degree of discourtesy, that Puerto Rico wants to be a state only “for the money.” In fact, Puerto Ricans who are in favor of statehood generally explain that they seek equal responsibilities as well as equal rights with other United States citizens.

New Poll Shows Momentum For Fortuno and Statehood: Both Lead By More Than 5%

A new poll shows that incumbent Governor Luis Fortuno has taken the lead in the gubinatorial race with 47.2% of the vote.  Challenger and Popular Democratic Party (PDP) member Garcia Padilla followed in second place with 41.5%, Independence candidate Commissioner Juan Dalmau Ramírez had 4% of the vote, and the three remaining candidates received 7.3%. The poll was conducted from October 19, 2012 to October 22,… Read more »

University of Puerto Rico’s Mock Election Shows Desire to Change Territorial Status

The University of Puerto Rico’s  Rio Piedras  campus held a mock election using the ballots for next month’s vote on Puerto Rico’s status. Seven hundred and fifty seven students from all majors and departments took part, comprising about 5% of the total student population: The first question – “Do you agree with maintaining the current territorial… Read more »

America for All Americans

Recent gains by presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Florida are prompting some analysts to question whether either campaign should continue to pour resources into the state during the final weeks of the campaign.  Florida, the thinking goes, has moved into the Republican column, while President Obama’s relative strength elsewhere makes the state less important for a… Read more »

Supreme Court Silence on Puerto Rico’s Lack of Voting Rights

It is not often that the Supreme Court weighs in on the constitutional angles of Puerto Rico’s status as a territory of the United States – a topic of increased attention as the November 6 plebiscite approaches.   

18% of Puerto Ricans to Receive Social Security Benefit Increases in 2013

Social Security benefits will increase by 1.7% in 2013, providing about $21 more each month for the average recipient.  According to 2011 data from the Social Security Administration, Puerto Rico has 488,333 elderly Social Security beneficiaries and 821,419 beneficiaries in total – roughly 18% of the Puerto Rican population.

Carlos Beltran Makes Puerto Rico Proud

Carlos Beltran hit his 14th postseason home run on Sunday, making him Major League Baseball’s all-time leader in hitting and OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging percentage) during postseason play.  During his playoff career, Beltran has slammed one home run for every 7.7 at-bats.  The records he recently broke belong to Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. But the St…. Read more »

Romney Would Advance Statehood with Slim Majority Support

Caribbean Business is reporting that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign website is now posting a promise to advance statehood for Puerto Rico if even a slim majority choose that option in the upcoming plebiscite vote.