Romney Would Advance Statehood with Slim Majority Support

Caribbean Business is reporting that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign website is now posting a promise to advance statehood for Puerto Rico if even a slim majority choose that option in the upcoming plebiscite vote. 

When Puerto Ricans are Outsiders

Roberto Cox Alomar, PDP candidate for resident commissioner of Puerto Rico, has criticized Social Security as a “program from the outside” that the territory can do without.

Fortuno Gains Ground in Latest Poll

Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia is reporting that Governor Luis Fortuno (NPP) has has pulled even in the race for governor, coming within two percentage points of challenger Alejandro Garcia Padilla (PDP). 

Should Puerto Ricans Give Up Social Security?

Rafael Cox Alomar, the PDP candidate for resident commissioner, remarked in a TV appearance yesterday that Puerto Rico can do without Social Security because there are “sufficient economic resources here in Puerto Rico to attend to our elderly without absolute dependence on programs from the outside,” according to Caribbean Business.

How Do U.S. Textbooks Portray Puerto Rico?

In 1983, the Coalition for Human and Civil Right Advocates studied the portrayal of Puerto Rico in U.S. textbooks and found that: The authors of these textbooks, both old and new, appear to have read exactly the same sources and books. Their accounts, offering minimal and generally misleading information, are virtually identical in every case. And in… Read more »

CRS Report Prepares Congress for Plebiscite

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has released a new report about the upcoming plebiscite vote in preparation for questions Members of Congress are likely to have as Election Day draws near.  The CRS is the research arm of Congress, and the release of this particular report indicates that plebiscite results will be considered by Members of… Read more »

U.S. English Poll Shows Bias

The group U.S. English has released a poll showing that more than half of Puerto Ricans would vote for statehood if there were a yes/no vote on the question.