Myth vs. Fact on the Commonwealth Option

 “Commonwealth is the option of status that best represents the aspirations of the People of Puerto Rico.”  Opening sentence of the Commonwealth Party Platform, as translated from  El Nuevo Dia, June 7, 2012. “Under the Commonwealth option, Puerto Rico would remain, as it is today, under the jurisdiction of the Territory Clause.”  Report by the… Read more »

Should Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner Be Allowed to Vote?

Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner is officially nonvoting — but in the past those in this position have been allowed to vote on the floor, being asked to abstain only when their votes would make a difference to the outcome of a vote. Since a single vote rarely determines the outcome, Puerto Rico had a means… Read more »

The Health Care Law: A Status Issue

While much has been written about the potential impact on Puerto Rico and the rest of the country if the Supreme Court had overturned the Affordable Care Act (ACA), lost in the discussion is the fact that Puerto Rico was never guaranteed inclusion in the federal law at all.  In fact, Puerto Rico was left… Read more »

Puerto Rico at the Olympics

Puerto Rico will compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics independently of the United States, as it has since 1948. The National Olympic Committee for Puerto Rico was recognized in 1948 by the International Olympic Committee. How can Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States, have its own Olympic team? As it happens, the Olympics… Read more »

Bilingual Instruction Grows in Puerto Rico

Governor Fortuño is working toward a bold program of bilingual instruction in Puerto Rico’s schools, mandating coursework in both the island’s official languages for all courses except history. The program is currently in a dozen schools, and is expected to roll out into first grade classrooms in 31 more schools, reaching all of Puerto Rico’s… Read more »

Should Puerto Rico Be Part of the United States?

Trick question. Puerto Rico is already a part of the United States in the sense that it belongs to the United States. The question is not whether to include Puerto Rico in the United States – that issue has already been decided. The question is how Puerto Ricans should be included in the country in… Read more »

Charlie Hernandez Suspended from the PDP

The Popular Democratic Party (PDP) has removed Representative Charlie Hernandez from his leadership posts for announcing his intention to vote for the “free association” option on the upcoming plebiscite. There will be two questions on the ballot. First, voters will determine whether to continue in the current relationship Puerto Rico has with the United States…. Read more »

Puerto Rico: Commonwealth or Territory?

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States.  It has been a U.S. territory since 1898, when it was acquired from Spain after the Spanish-American War. The Supreme Court has affirmed Puerto Rico’s status as a territory.  Presidents, senior administration officials in successive Republican and Democratic administrations, authoritative sources such as the Congressional Research… Read more »

The People of Puerto Rico Seek Congressional Leadership to Resolve Their Territorial Status

Congressional Recognition of Puerto Rican Requests for Action Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), House Floor Statement before House Session, June 21, 2017, Congressional Record, page H5004.  In our democracy, only those who cast ballots are counted, and those who voted in Puerto Rico overwhelmingly chose statehood. It is now up to Puerto Rico’s elected officials, especially… Read more »