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Statehood: Is Now the Best Chance?

The possibility of Puerto Ricans overwhelmingly supporting Statehood has never been more of a reality than in today’s political environment. A November 2006 telephone poll of residents of the island showed when faced with the decision, 74% would choose Statehood over the 12% in favor of Independence. With 65% of respondents favorable to Luis Fortuño winning PNP’s gubernatorial race in 2008, “now” may very well be Puerto Rico’s best chance at moving towards true representation in Washington.Read More »Statehood: Is Now the Best Chance?

The 1998 Plebiscite Revisited

It has been 6 1/2 years since the residents of Puerto Rico went to the polls to express a preference for a permanent political status.

On that occasion, the status definitions offered to voters were lifted from a bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives (HR 856), the so-called “Young Bill.” The U.S. Senate took no floor action on HR 856, but did pass Senate Resolution #279 authorizing Puerto Rico, “through referendum or other means, to communicate its desires on future political status to the federal government, and that the federal government will consider such communication.”Read More »The 1998 Plebiscite Revisited