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Puerto Rican Influence Throughout the Fifty States

Following a wave of migration over the past decade, Puerto Ricans now have a notable presence in nearly every state throughout the country.  Between 2000 and 2010, the Puerto Rican population in the fifty states grew by 300,000 people, and with that growth has come Puerto Rican representation in virtually every state, not just in areas traditionally known as Puerto Rican enclaves. Read More »Puerto Rican Influence Throughout the Fifty States

Puerto Ricans’ Growing Influence in Florida and Presidential Politics: Part II

Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns are paying more attention than ever to Florida’s Puerto Ricans this election cycle.  Most recently, President Obama visited Orlando in early August, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio visited the same area that day to campaign for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.Read More »Puerto Ricans’ Growing Influence in Florida and Presidential Politics: Part II

Hawaii Celebrates Statehood

Today Hawaii is celebrating its 53rd anniversary of becoming a State, and there is much to celebrate.

Remembering Hawaii’s attainment of statehood on August 21, 1959, former Gov. Linda Lingle (R) recalls the celebration in the streets – civil defense horns wailing, church bells peeling, ship whistles blaring and motorists honking their horns.  She has a distinct recollection of a headline proclaiming Hawaiians to be “First Class Citizens Now.”  Lingle remembers the moment as “a day that marked new opportunities – socially, economically and politically.” Read More »Hawaii Celebrates Statehood

The Puerto Rican “Brain Drain”

After several years of strong migration, more Puerto Ricans now live in the fifty states than in Puerto Rico.  According to the 2010 Census, there are 4.7 million Puerto Ricans living in the non-territorial United States and 3.7 million living in Puerto Rico.  All states but one experienced an increase in their Puerto Rican populations between 2000 and 2010, with 300,000 additional people moving from Puerto Rico to the states between 2005 and 2009 as the territory experienced a recession.Read More »The Puerto Rican “Brain Drain”

Representing 3.7 Million U.S. Citizens in Congress – All Without the Power to Vote, Part II

Previously when we reported on why Puerto Rico’s lack of representation in Congress matters, we focused on how important it is to have several Members of Congress to best represent ideological diversity in heavily populated states.  States with many Members of Congress have another significant advantage: the ability to represent the state across numerous congressional committees. Read More »Representing 3.7 Million U.S. Citizens in Congress – All Without the Power to Vote, Part II

To Err is Human…

People make mistakes, of course. Even a respected news sources such as Reuters can make an error — and they did. In their “schedule of forthcoming world elections” they listed Puerto Rico’s plebiscite for August 12th.

As you can see in the close-up below, Reuters claimed that Puerto Rican voters would decide the first question — whether or not to make a change in the status of Puerto Rico — on August 12th.Read More »To Err is Human…