Rita Moreno Seeks Opportunities for Future Generations

Puerto Rico has produced many celebrities, from honored scientists to political leaders to standouts in sports and the arts. One of the most impressive is Rita Moreno. Rita Moreno is one of just eight living performing artists with “EGOT” awards. That means that she has won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony… Read more »

Democratic Support in Puerto Rico for Statehood

The Democratic Party of Puerto Rico has released a “Resolution in support of the will of the People of Puerto Rico for statehood and to advocate for the admission of Puerto Rico as a State of the Union in Congress and in all proper forums.” The resolution begins with a reminder of the negative consequences… Read more »

Legal Scholar Responds to Puerto Rico “Self-Determination” Bill

Constitutional law scholar Christina Ponsa-Kraus of Columbia Law School questioned the merits of “self-determination” legislation when it was presented in Congress last year. Her remarks remain relevant today as a new Congress has begun and the debate continues over Puerto Rico’s possible admission as a U.S. state. The legislation in question proposed federal funding for… Read more »

Flowers on Jill Biden’s Inaugural Dress Include the Puerto Rican Hibiscus

Puerto Rico had a strong presence at the 2021 inauguration, from the service of the Puerto Rico National Guard to Jennifer Lopez’s musical performance. Puerto Rico was also represented during the evening celebration. First Lady Jill Biden chose to send a message of unity with a dress, coat, and mask ensemble hand embroidered with the… Read more »

Medicaid Block Grants – Can Tennessee Learn from Puerto Rico?

The Commonwealth Fund is out with a new report examining how Puerto Rico’s long-standing experience operating under a Medicaid block grant may predict how states would fare under block grants and per capita caps that limit federal funding. The report is timely.  During its last weeks in office, the Trump Administration approved a Medicaid block… Read more »

Puerto Rico and the Inauguration

On January 20, 2021, America celebrated the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice President, respectively, of the United States. This year’s inauguration was different from the usual, since the United States is still experiencing a coronavirus pandemic and Washington is responding to the riot in the Capitol building on January… Read more »

Puerto Rico National Guard Protects Commander in Chief

Two weeks after rioters stormed the Capitol building, approximately 140 members of the Puerto Rico National Guard flew into Washington, D.C., to  provide security for the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. Ironically, these soldiers cannot vote for their Commander in Chief. Soldiers from the 92nd Military Police Brigade joined more than 20,000 members of the… Read more »

Florida’s Puerto Rican Voters Matter

Research has shown that states that vote for the president or might vote for them in the future tend to get more federal support than those that didn’t or won’t vote for the president. Puerto Rico cannot vote in presidential elections, and some observers point to this as part of the problems Puerto Rico faces…. Read more »

Senator Joe Manchin Open to Puerto Rico Statehood

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) made headlines when he spoke about Puerto Rico Statehood in an interview on CNN last Sunday. Asked about statehood for Washington, D.C., Manchin said he needed more information. “I don’t know enough about that yet,” he responded. “I want to see the pros and cons,” he added.  “I am waiting to… Read more »

Puerto Rico Can Learn from Hawaii

Jose Cabrera of the Puerto Rico Star Project wrote in the Honolulu Star Advertiser that Puerto Rico can learn from Hawaii’s experience of becoming a State. The author begins by reporting that Puerto Rico voted for statehood on November 3, 2020, but that some people are arguing against respecting the vote on the grounds that… Read more »