Pew Analyzes Data on Puerto Ricans in the States

The Pew Research Center has released a new data analysis on people of Puerto Rican origin in the States. Their analysis of data from 2017 concludes that 5.6 million people of Puerto Rican descent now live in the States. This includes people born in Puerto Rico and descendants of people born in Puerto Rico who… Read more »

Entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico

Economic development is a top priority for Puerto Rico. Often discussions of economic development in Puerto Rico focus on tax incentives designed to lure multinational corporations and major U.S. mainland companies to open a facility in Puerto Rico. Another possibility is to support local small businesses and start ups on the Island. Small business in… Read more »

YouGov Poll Finds Most Americans Favor Statehood for Puerto Rico

YouGov found, back in 2016, that more than half of the Americans they surveyed didn’t know that Puerto Ricans are citizens. At that time, those surveyed chose statehood as the best status option for Puerto Rico — 29% favored statehood, compared with 25% who said Puerto Rico should continue as a territory and 20% choosing… Read more »

Death of Elis A. Barreto Ortiz Derails Taliban Talks

Elis A. Barreto Ortiz, born in Morovis, Puerto Rico, became the 19th American casualty in Afghanistan this year when he died in a Taliban suicide bombing. President Donald Trump was planning to meet for talks with Taliban leaders when the news of Barreto Ortiz’s death arrived. In a tweet, Trump said that this event caused him… Read more »

FCC to Vote on Subsidies for Territories

On September 26, 2019, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on funding of up to $950 million for internet connectivity in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Chairman Ajit Pai created a draft order outlining the plan. At the FCC blog, he wrote that the FCC has already invested more than $130 million in repairs… Read more »

Congress to Consider Proposals to Assist Low Income Individuals in Puerto Rico

U.S. House of Representatives Democrats took steps in June towards providing Puerto Rico with $2.2 billion to $4 billion a year in more funding beginning this October 1st. The grants to the territorial government would be for three programs for low-income individuals. With Congress returning from its August recess next week, it remains to be… Read more »

New Videos Explain Puerto Rico’s Predicament

Two videos on statehood for Puerto Rico have been posted on YouTube in the past few days. Teen Kids News, an Emmy-winning national news program for teens, recently shared a video made years ago. It relies heavily on interviews with former Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi. Teen Kids News recapped Puerto Rico’s history and explained Puerto… Read more »

Statehood Revolution March

Puerto Rico newspaper Noticel reported that multiple pro-statehood groups gathered for a march on September 1st, carrying signs saying, “We are many more and we are not afraid!” and “Puerto Rico Chose Statehood”. Participants reported an estimated 2,000 marchers. Noticel quoted Barbara Collazzo, one of the organizers, as expressing a need for “a peaceful march,… Read more »

Citizenship Law Changes

Current federal policy treats babies born to members of the U.S. military who are serving overseas as birthright U.S. citizens no matter where they are born. For example, a couple living on a U.S. military base in Germany or Greenland might have a baby there on the base. The baby would automatically be a U.S…. Read more »

Hurricane Dorian

Natl Guard prepares for hurricane

Hurricane Dorian is expected to hit Puerto Rico with winds of 66 miles an hour and as much as ten inches of rain. This is not expected to be as severe a storm as Hurricane Maria, which reached Puerto Rico in 2017 as a Category 5 hurricane, with winds of 175 miles per hour. The… Read more »