Statehood Supporters Win Florida Primaries

Primary elections in Florida had been in the news as speculation about the influence of Puerto Rican voters increased in the run-up to the votes. It turns out several of the winners had one thing in common: support for statehood for Puerto Rico. Florida Governor Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum (D) will face Rep. Ron DeSantis… Read more »

Peter Gaynor, FEMA Nominee, Quizzed about Puerto Rico in Senate Hearing

“So Mr. Gaynor, how will you seek to prepare FEMA to be able to handle the next Puerto Rico-style emergency?” The question came as members of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs held hearings with Peter Gaynor, nominee for the position of Deputy Administrator of FEMA. Gaynor was the director of the… Read more »

Would Puerto Rico and DC Statehood Advance in a Democratic Congress?

Discussions of statehood efforts for Puerto Rico sometimes suggest that it won’t be possible with Republicans in the majority in Congress. Arguments taking this position sometimes suggest that it would make more sense to wait for the next time Democrats are in power before working toward statehood. As Matt Flowers @SunshineEmpire put it at Twitter,… Read more »

Puerto Rico Threatened by New Medicaid Cliff

When we talk about a government facing a cliff, we mean that the money funding the government’s costs will run out. In the case of Puerto Rico, Medicaid is expected to run through all available funding by September of 2019. According to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Assistant Secretary for… Read more »

Guam Veteran Vote Proposal Confuses

By Howard Hills Honoring Veterans with Truth The Governor of Guam, Eddie Calvo, recently sent a letter to President Trump requesting that U.S. military veterans in Guam be given the same federal voting rights as Americans in the States of the Union. In doing so the Governor did not make it clear if this was… Read more »

Puerto Rican Diaspora Summit Scheduled for September 14-15

The Puerto Rican Diaspora Summit will take place on September 14th and 15th in Washington, D.C. This meeting will focus on discussions of policy and community response relating to Puerto Rico’s recovery after Hurricane Maria. The meeting is taking place at the UDC School of Law and is sponsored by Friends of Puerto Rico, National… Read more »

Disaster Funding for Puerto Rico Schools Still Unspent

Puerto Rico’s schools were devastated by Hurricane Maria, and they received $589,170,000 in disaster relief funds under the immediate Aid to Restart School Operations (RESTART) program. The funds were awarded in April, toward the end of a school year when many schools managed without electricity, running water, and textbooks.According to Politico, Puerto Rico Education Secretary… Read more »

Officials Respond to Revised Hurricane Death Toll

The government of Puerto Rico has acknowledged that the death toll for hurricanes Irma and Maria is probably as much as 20 times higher than the official count of 64. Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY) responded, “It has been tragically clear for some time that the devastation from Irma and Maria was many magnitudes worse… Read more »

Hawaii Citizenship Controversy Watched By All Territories

The case of a U.S. national from American Samoan denied eligibility for voting and public office in Hawaii has raised questions about the legal nature of U.S. nationality and citizenship in all the American territories, including Puerto Rico. Considerable confusion has arisen in the discussion and debate related to this case. Sai Timoteo, a candidate… Read more »