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NPP, Statehood Maintain Lead in Puerto Rico Polls

New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rossello led PDP hopeful David Bernier, Gov. Garcia’s former Secretary of State, 39.01% to 30.73% in a poll of 1,074 voters in Puerto Rico October 15th. Two independents had 13.97% and 12.1% respectively, and the two ’third party’ aspirants had 3.82% and .37% support.

NPP U.S. House nominee Jenniffer Gonzalez, the Puerto Rico House Minority Leader and Republican committee chair, was ahead of PDP candidate Hector Ferrer 49.7%-42.66%. The third party candidates scored 6.51% and 1.56%.

The poll found support for statehood at 57.27%.

The poll was conducted by a team of University of Puerto Rico mathematics professors. Its results were similar to other scientific surveys earlier this month by professional survey research firms and, in the case of statehood, to the territory’s 2012 status plebiscite.

1 thought on “NPP, Statehood Maintain Lead in Puerto Rico Polls”

  1. Can we be committed to ending the colony once and for all this time around? The next effort, whatever it may be, should be to change Puerto Rico’s colonial status to one that is legal according to international law. That means the process should be a clear and simple plebiscite for the Puerto Rican people, then regardless of the outcome, the U.S. Congress should have to move on immediately changing Puerto Rico’s status to one of the three: a full membership in the union, unconditional independence or a real free associated state. This can all be done within a few months.

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