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Pierluisi, Delgado to Face off in Race for Governor

Puerto Rico’s primary was marred by a lack of ballots at many polling places, but the process was completed on Sunday, and a clear result has been announced.

New Progressive Party

Pedro Pierluisi, former Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, is the candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico for the PNP, the pro-statehood party. The current governor, Wanda Vazquez Garced, was his opponent in the primary.

She acknowledged Pierluisi’s win by saying that he must now get the endorsement of her supporters. Pierluisi responded by calling for unity and promising to support Vazquez until the end of her term.

He also announced that statehood for Puerto Rico and economic recovery would be his priorities.

Pierluisi was briefly Governor of Puerto Rico in 2019, following the ouster of Ricardo Rossello.

Pierluisi won with 58% of the vote.

Popular Democratic Party

Carlos “Charlie” Delgado, Mayor of Isabela, beat Puerto Rico Senator Eduardo Bhatia and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz to become the candidate of the Popular Democratic Party, also referred to as the Commonwealth Party.

Isabela is a town of roughly 40,000 people on the island’s northwestern coast.

Delgado promises to “transform” Puerto Rico with “good administration.” He won the primary with 60% of the vote.

According to the New York Times, Delgado is not registered as a Democrat or a Republican.   Pierluisi is affiliated with the national Democratic party and built relationships with Democratic officials when he served in Congress from 2009 to 2017.

Other candidates

While the PNP and PDP are the main political parties in Puerto Rico, there are other candidates in the race for Governor of Puerto Rico. Sen. Juan Dalmau will represent the Puerto Rico Independence Party and Alexandra Lugaro will stand for the Victoria Ciudadana party. Eliezer Molina is running as an independent candidate.

The vote for governor will take place on November 3, 2020. Puerto Ricans cannot vote in presidential elections but can select local officials and a federal Resident Commissioner to serve as the U.S. territory’s voice in Congress.


4 thoughts on “Pierluisi, Delgado to Face off in Race for Governor”

  1. Pierluisi was Governor for TWO (2) days and only because his party tried to circumvent the legal system. So what you have is a Governor- elect who is a cheat. If i were the people of P.R., i would keep an eye on him. Remember, just because he has some experience with the U.S. Government does not give him the skills necessary to run the government business here. I would be very interested in his choices for his cabinet positions.

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