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Pierluisi Explains Puerto Rico’s Status Requirements

Rep. Pierluisi began his speech to the new House of Representatives by saying that he had an issue of national importance to discuss. The mainland English language press has not mentioned the speech at all, but social media is spreading the word.

The video is nearing 3,000 views at YouTube in just a matter of days, and garnering comments like the one shown below. Please click to enlarge.


The video is also gaining traction on Twitter, as viewers tweet and retweet the link.


Pierluisi’s characterization of Puerto Rico’s status as an issue of national importance is justified. The status of Puerto Rico affects not only Puerto Rico’s economic position but also that of the United States. In addition, Puerto Rico’s relationship with the United States affects the international reputation of our nation.

As Rep. Pierluisi concluded, “Since none of my colleagues in this chamber representing states would accept territory status for their constituents, I know they will understand that I will not accept it for my constituents.”

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  1. statehood is the only way for the island to survive. Statehood will begin the ending of government corruption, favoritism, and the failure of the government to operate in a efficient, effective manner. I hope this guy runs for Governor.

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