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Pierluisi Speaks at the Democratic Convention

Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi (D) addressed the Democratic Convention last night, urging the nation’s 50 million Hispanics to vote for President Obama.

“We have a president who’s made sure we have a seat at the table,” explained Pierluisi.  “Let’s fight for President Obama because he has fought for us!”

Pierluisi also used his chance at the podium to educate the crowd and television audience about Puerto Rico and its tradition of military service, beginning his remarks by noting that over 100,000 veterans reside in the territory.  He also alluded to the upcoming plebiscite.

“The president has told the people of Puerto Rico that, when they express a clear desire to change their status, he will work to implement their will,” Pierluisi said.  “And I know that Barack Obama will stand with my people the day they choose to have the same rights and responsibilities as their fellow American citizens.”

Rep. Pierluisi was an early supporter of President Obama, endorsing him while Pierluisi was a candidate for the seat he now holds in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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